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Android SIG

Oak Park Library
9500 Bluejacket
Overland Park, KS
Approx. one block west of Hwy 69 & 95th St.


Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Glass Meeting Room

We started this group to pursue learning the use of Android devices – phones and tablets. Bring your questions, Android devices, and ideas for the group to the meeting.

Visitors always welcome.


Hang Up on Tech Support Scams

Scammers have gotten good at convincing unsuspecting victims that they have a computer virus. Their end game is to take your money or gain access to your personal financial information.

 How It Works: 

  • You get a call or see a pop-up message on your computer warning that you have a virus (the caller will claim to be from Microsoft or Apple or another well-known tech company).
  • They convince you to give them remote access to your computer so they can fix the “problem,” but they actually install malware that steals sensitive data like user names and passwords.
  • Or, they get you to fork over credit card information and charge you for phony services, or services you could get for free.

 What You Should Know: 

  • Criminals have figured out how to spoof caller ID numbers so they appear to be calling from a legitimate company, so don’t rely on caller ID.
  • Even tech savvy consumers get caught up in this scam, so don’t assume you are immune.

 What You Should Do: 

  • Hang up on anyone claiming to be from tech support.
  • If you get a pop-up alert that appears to freeze your computer, don’t follow the instructions. Just shut down your computer and restart to get rid of the phony ad.
  • Look inside the tech support scam from the perspective of a former scammer at www.aarp.org/techscams.

When it comes to fraud, vigilance is our number one weapon. You have the power to protect yourself and your loved ones from scams. The AARP Fraud Watch Network connects you to the latest information about ID theft and fraud so you can safeguard your personal information and your pocketbook. Visit the site >

More Volunteers Are Always Needed

 We have a new opening for the position of Marketing Director.

More teachers and classroom assistants are always needed and is a great way to help out. If you would like to inquire about these openings, or other ways to volunteer, call or email our president Bob Bowser.
(785) 608-4904  or  sencomprez@gmail.com

Update:  Web of Trust (WOT)


SenCom Awarded $5,000 from Google Fiber!

SenCom members celebrated with cake and coffee at the December 11 Meeting where it was announced that Google Fiber had awarded the group $5,000.  The award will be used to update and replace tired equipment in the classroom, making the SenCom workshops even better.

Google Fiber said it appreciated the manner in which SenCom strives to cross the “digital divide” by bringing computer awareness and skills to our seniors community.



SenCom gratefully acknowledges the
following organizations for their support:

Google Fiber

City of Shawnee,
Parks & Recreation Department

Johnson County Library:
Central Resource, Oak Park