Security Alerts and Updates

September, 2017  (Click listings for more information).
24  Equifax or Equiphish?
22  Netflix Scam Warning.
22  Google Tests Top 5 Browsers, Finds Safari Riddled With Security Bugs.
21   Fake IRS notice delivers customized spying tool.
21   Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome.
21   Modern chipsets can be hacked via their power management features.
21   Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN.
20  CCleaner Hack Carried Out In Order to Target Big Tech Companies.
20  Equifax Breach: Setting the Record Straight.
20  FTC providing partial refunds for Advanced Tech Support victims.
20  CryptoMix ransomware is appending .SHARK to encrypted file names.
19  Chrome Extension Embeds In-Browser Monero Miner.
19  Apple Releases Security Updates.
19  How to tell if your Mac is infected.
19  Chinese Mobile Antivirus App Caught Siphoning User Data.
19  What Does CCleaner Do, and Should You Use It?
19  Avast Clarifies Details Surrounding CCleaner Malware Incident.
18  Locky Ransomware switches to the Ykcol Extension for Encrypted Files.
18  CCleaner Malware Incident – What You Need to Know & How to Remove.
18  CCleaner Compromised to Distribute Malware for Almost a Month.
18   A week in security (September 11 – September 17).
16  Equifax Releases New Information About Security Breach.
16  Google will auto-delete Android backups if phone is unused for 2 weeks.
15  Adware installs InfoStealer Trojan that loads via Chrome DLL Hijacking.
14  Equifax Hackers Stole 200k Credit Card Accounts in One Fell Swoop.
14  Unwittingly Embedded Malware in Android Apps via Shady SDK.
14  SKEL Protection in macOS High Sierra can be bypassed.
14  FTC Alert – Equifax Isn’t Calling.
13   Adobe, Microsoft Plug Critical Security Holes.
13   Netgear WNR2000 Routers Used For Credential Stuffing Attacks.
12   BlueBorne Vulnerabilities Impact All Bluetooth Enabled Devices.
12   Computers Infected With Cryptocurrency Miners On The Rise.
11   The Equifax Breach: What You Should Know.
11   Intra-Library Collusion , a new kind of Android Malware.
09  Vulnerabilities discovered in firmware of D-Link DIR 850L routers.
08  Hurricane-Related Scams.
08  Android Oreo Bug Bypasses WiFi to Use Mobile Data.
08  Equifax Breach Response Turns Dumpster Fire.
07  New Toast Overlay Attack Revealed on Android Devices.
07  Breach at Equifax May Impact 143M Americans.
07  Apple and Google Fix Browser Bug. Microsoft Does Not.
06  Nation-sponsored hackers penetrate power grid networks.
05  Google Chrome 61 Released for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
05  TrustZone Downgrade Attack Threatens Android Devices.
04  Old “Loop Bug” Found to Affect Most Major PDF Viewers.
01   Vulnerabilities found in Android bootloader components.
01   The Week in Ransomware – Locky, Exploit Kits, & More.

August, 2017  (Click listings for more information).
31   3 Hardcoded Backdoor Accounts Discovered in Arris Modems.
30  IoT devices with default settings will be hijacked in 2 minutes.
30  Fake Roboto Condensed Font Pack Update Infects Users.
29  Metadata from IoT traffic exposes in-home user activity.
29  Beware of Hurricane Harvey Relief Scams.
28  Chrome, Firefox, & Safari Browser extension systems at risk.
24  A virulent spam campaign has hit Facebook Messenger.
24  It’s Still A Bad Idea to Expose Your Airline Boarding Pass.
23  Google Play Store Security Scans Tricked Again.
23  Using Foxit Reader? Important Patch Due This Week.
23  How to Disable SMBv1 and Protect Your Windows PC.
22  Cryptocurrency Miner Infects Windows PCs.
21   Google Releases Android 8.0 Oreo.
21   Chrome Adds Warning for Malicious Extensions.
21   Security vulnerabilities fixed in Thunderbird 52.3.
17   Mobile Security Products Review 2017 (PDF).
16   SyncCrypt Ransomware Hides Inside JPG Files.
16   8 Chrome extensions hijacked to deliver malicious code.
14   Week in Security (August 7 – August 13).
10   New Mac Adware Will Cause Serious Headaches.
09  Locky Ransomware Returns with Diablo6 Variant.
08  Critical Security Fixes from Adobe, Microsoft.
08  Firefox 55 security release with new features & changes.
08  Microsoft issues security updates for Outlook, Office.
07  Apple phish: Summary report statement.
07  Phishing Attacks target Chrome Extension Developers.
02  Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome OS.
01   FBI Alert – Music Application Gift Card Scam.
01   Flawed modems in BMW, Ford, Infiniti, & Nissan Cars.
01   New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards.

Real-World Protection Test, July 2017

Mac Security Test & Review 2017 (PDF)

July, 2017  (Click listings for more information).
28  Banking Trojans Add Self-Spreading Worm Components.
26  CowerSnail Backdoor Targets Windows Computers.
25  Google Chrome 60 Released for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
25  Adobe to Kill Flash Media Player in 2020.
25  Roomba Maker Preparing to Sell Maps of Your Home.
24  Malware infecting Macs remained undetected for years.
24  32-Bit Firefox Users on 64-Bit PCs Will Be Auto-Upgraded.
19   Apple Releases Security Updates.
19   Trump Hotels Hit By 3rd Card Breach in 2 Years.
18   Vulnerability may affect thousands of IoT devices.
18   Home Security System Fails at Being Secure.
12   Data of 14 Million Verizon Customers Exposed.
12   Don’t Open SPAM Password Protected Word Docs.
11    Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes.
08  Bug Affects Millions of Android and iOS Devices.
07  B&B Theatres Hit in 2-Year Credit Card Breach.
06  Android Security Bulletin—July 2017.
03  Microsoft Announces New Wave of Nagging Popups.