Security Alerts and Updates

October, 2018  (Click listings for more information) .
14   The most recent Servicing Stack Updates.
13   Beware “Album by Google Photos” crapware in the Microsoft Store.
13   DuckDuckGo receiving more than 30 million searches in a single day.
13   Fix for Windows JET Database bug not perfect, micropatch available.
12   The Week in Ransomware – NotPetya, GandCrab, and More.
12   Windows 10 audio not working after installing latest Windows Updates.
12   AMD Radeon 18.10.1 driver supports Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
12   Experian credit-freeze PINs could be revealed by a simple trick.
11   HP PCs getting BSOD after installing Windows 10 Updates.
11   CoinMiners use new tricks to impersonate Adobe Flash Installers.
10   Still hitting Error 0x8000FFF when installing the Win7 Monthly Rollup?
10   Win10 version 1809: A guide to the builds and what they break.
09  Fixed Windows 10 October 2018 Update released to insiders for testing.
09  Adobe releases October 2018 security updates.
09  Patch Tuesday: The good, the bad, the ugly and the hopeless.
09  Windows 10 version 1703 & Windows 10 Mobile version 1607 support ends today.
08  Apple Releases Security Updates for iOS and iCloud.
08  Google+ Shutting Down After Bug Leaks Info of 500k Accounts.
08  Microsoft updates Windows 10 CPU requirements for the October 2018 Update.
08  Disk Cleanup cleans downloads folder in Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
08  Turn off Windows Automatic Update and block the Win10 1809 upgrade.
07  Microsoft says they can recover files deleted by Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
06  Microsoft yanks buggy Win10 1809 upgrade, leaving zapped files in its wake.
05  The Week in Ransomware – Restaurant Shutdowns & Exploit Kits.
05  CCleaner is partially broken in Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
05  October 2018 Update is preventing modern apps from connecting to the internet for some.
05  EFF’s Privacy Badger stops Google’s link tracking in latest update.
04  Mozilla fixes security vulnerabilities in Thunderbird 60.2.1.
04  If you lost your documents & pictures after upgrading to Win10 1809, do this first.
04  Win10 version 1809 buglog – including tales of lost user data.
03  Task Manager shows incorrect CPU usage in updated Windows 10.
02  Mozilla Releases Security Updates for Firefox.
02  Microsoft’s Surface Studio gets firmware & driver updates.
02  October 2018 non-Security Office Updates are available.
02  Windows 10 October 2018 Update Is Now Available.
02  Update for Foxit PDF Reader fixes 118 vulnerabilities.
01   Hacker group testing Coinhive miner redirects on iPhones.
01   Apollo database of more than 200 million contact records hacked.
01   Time to install your September Windows and Office patches.
01   Voice Phishing Scams Are Getting More Clever.
01   Adobe releases security updates for Adobe Acrobat & Reader.

September, 2018  (Click listings for more information) .
30  Sites trick users into subscribing to browser notification spam.
28  The Week in Ransomware – RDP and GandCrab.
28  Android password managers vulnerable to phishing apps.
28  Patch Lady – learning about Patch Tuesday.
28  Facebook Security Bug Affects 90 Million Users.
28  Cryptojacking Android apps continue to plague Google Play Store.
27   Yesterday Microsoft re-released Win 10 KB 4458469 & KB 4457136.
26  Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 17134.320 & 16299.699.
26  Hide and Seek botnet adds infection vector for Android devices.
25  Mozilla launches Firefox Monitor data breach notification service.
25  Chrome 69 keeps Google’s cookies after you clear browser data.
24  Horowitz: Windows Update on Win7 is not secure.
24  Apple’s macOS Mojave update is now ready for download.
24  Office 2019 for Windows and Mac Is Now Available.
24  Users being logged into Chrome when signing into a Google service.
24  Where are the Thursday Win10 cumulative updates?
22  Microsoft explains the Aug. & Sept. rollup, security install issues.
22  The Windows ALPC security hole is now readily exploitable.
21   The Week in Ransomware – Beer, Airports, & Dharma.
21   Western Digital hotfix for My Cloud auth bypass vulnerability.
21   Optional update KB4457139 for Windows 7 released.
21   New  unpatched zero-day affecting all versions of Windows.
21   Credit Freezes are Now Free: Let the Ice Age Begin.
20  Windows 10 versions 1803, 1709, 1703 & 1607 get updates.
20  Microsoft’s .NET Framework gets it’s own update channel.
19   Newegg customers may have had sensitive information stolen.
19   Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever.
19   Critical security update released for Adobe Reader & Acrobat.
19   My Cloud NAS devices vulnerable to auth bypass for over a year.
19   Patch Lady here – no major issues with the September updates.
18   Surface Pro gets an update to improve battery stability.
18   Critical RCE Peekaboo Bug in NVR Surveillance System.
18   Database with 11 Million Email Records Exposed.
17   CCleaner Disregarding Settings and Forcing Update to 5.46.
17   Apple releases major software updates for iOS, watchOS, & tvOS.
17   Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 17134.286 & 16299.666.
17 Leaks 14M+ Records.
17   AV Real-World Protection Test August 2018 – Factsheet.
16   New vulnerability crashes iPhone, freezes Microsoft Edge, Safari, & IE.
15   Windows systems vulnerable to FragmentSmack, 90s-like DoS bug.
15   Chrome 69 shows the WWW & M subdomains again, temporarily.
14   The Week in Ransomware – Kraken, Dharma, & Matrix.
14   Microsoft Office 365 customers get protection against malicious macros.
14   New cumulative update KB 4463376 for Internet Explorer on Win7, 8.1.
14   Microsoft re-releases Intel microcode patches for all versions of Win10.
13   Patch Lady – tax software warns of Sept patching issues.
13   Kodi add-ons install Windows & Linux coin mining trojans.
13   Files with emails & passwords found on free hosting service.
12   U.S. Mobile Giants Want to be Your Online Identity.
12   Microsoft purges 3,000 tech support scams hiding on TechNet.
12   Error 0x8000FFFF in Win7? Phantom patch for Win10 1803?
11    Microsoft pushes out new Surface Pro 3 & 4 firmware.
11    Microsoft extends support for Office 2016 from 2020 to 2023.
11    Google Chrome releases updates.
11    Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 get Patch Tuesday updates.
11    Adobe Security Updates Fix 6 Critical Vulnerabilities.
11    Microsoft releases Windows 10 Patch Tuesday updates.
11    Apple’s Safari falls for new address bar spoofing trick.
11    Microsoft security servicing criteria.
10   Microsoft rolling out cumulative update for Windows 10 users.
10   In a Few Days, Credit Freezes Will Be Fee-Free.
10   Trend Micro apps leak user data, removed from Mac App Store.
09  Chrome removes subdomains from the browser’s address bar.
09  Microsoft plans to sell post-2020 support for Windows 7.
09  Once again, KB 4023057 gets pushed out to all Win10 versions.
07  The Week in Ransomware – Obama, Matrix, & more.
07  Mac App Store apps are stealing user data.
07  Privilege escalation bug found in popular VPN clients.
07  The new Windows lifecycle fact sheet.
06  Fallout exploit kit drops ransomware or redirects to PUPs.
06  British Airways loses customer payment card data in breach.
06  Necurs spews 780,000 emails with weaponized IQY files.
05  Catch up on your July & August Windows/Office patches.
05  The saga of Microsoft testing.
05  Mozilla releases Firefox 62 with UI & Windows tweaks.
05  Browser Extensions: Are They Worth the Risk?
05  Windows Task Scheduler zero-day exploited by malware.
04  Mobile spyware maker mSpy leaks  sensitive records.
04  Essential handset gets Google’s September security update.
04  Call recording for Skype is finally here.
04  Google Chrome updates with a new look & improved features.
04  September 2018 non-Security Office Update Release.
04  New Banking Trojan Poses As A Security Module.
04  Compromised MikroTik Routers Send Traffic to Attackers.
03  Banking Trojans and Shady Apps Galore In Google Play.
03  Google tracks what you buy offline using Mastercard data.
03  Fake Yandex Voice Assistant App Found In Google Play.
03  Google Has Trouble Detecting Fake Tech-Support Ads.
02  Avast users having Malwarebytes conflicts after upgrade.
02  Blackmail Virus Ransomware only encrypts .EXE files.
02  Patch Lady – [Internal – Corpnet Required].
02  Microsoft Fast ring build availability pop-up served to non-insiders.
01   Microsoft’s latest update to Skype is all about simplicity.

August, 2018  (Click listings for more information) .
31   CCleaner 5.46 Released With Improved Privacy Options.
31   Microsoft introduces AI solution to quickly detect mobile bank fraud.
31   Windows & .Net finally get their patches, Intel microcode fixes go wacko.
30  Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 17134.254, 16299.637.
30  MagentoCore Malware Found on 7,339 Magento Stores.
30  Surface Pro gets a firmware update to improve LTE stability on all models.
30  Surface Studio gets a huge list of firmware and driver updates.
30  Temporary patch available for recent Windows Task Scheduler zero-day.
30  Mind boggled: The Meltdown/Spectre microcode patches.
30  Android phones expose sensitive data via internal system broadcasts.
30  Intel Graphics Driver update for Windows 10 fixes YouTube and more.
29  Instagram’s new security tools are a welcome step, but not enough.
29  Fake “Shipping Docs” Malspam Pushing the DarkComet RAT.
28  Fiserv Flaw Exposed Customer Data at Hundreds of Banks.
28  Microsoft’s Windows task scheduler is vulnerable to hackers.
28  Patch Lady – what’s up with the Microcode updates?
27  Windows 10 Intel CPU update causing boot issues & pushed to AMD users.
25  Surface Book receives firmware and driver updates.
25  Smartphones From 11 OEMs Vulnerable to Attacks.
25  The Week in Ransomware – Hermes, Fox, and Ryuk.
24  Patch Lady – ready for 1809?
24  T-Mobile security breach may have exposed personal data.
23  Apple Forces Facebook VPN App Out of iOS Store.
23  Mainstream August patches look remarkably good.
23  Problem with Visual Studio 2015 update KB 4456688.
22  Patch Lady – Microcode confusion.
22  Patch Lady – Report on the August updates.
22  New Android Malware Can Record Phone Calls, Steal Pictures.
22  Microsoft releases Intel’s microcode updates for Windows 10.
21   Security updates available for Adobe Photoshop CC.
21   Surface Pro 4 firmware update blamed for malfunctions.
20  Spam with fake invoices push Hermes 2.1 Ransomware & AZORult.
20  New Technique Bypasses All Windows Kernel Mitigations.
20  New Fox Ransomware Matrix variant is renaming encrypted files.
17   Yet another bug in Win10 1803.
17    2 undocumented patches for the 1803 TLS 1.2 blocking problem.
17   Necurs Botnet Pushing New Marap Malware.
16   Bitlocker on 1803 pauses during updates.
16   Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons that snooped on users.
16   Having trouble logging in to Office 365? You aren’t alone.
16   Win10 1803 installation failure loop: bootres.dll is corrupt.
16   Win10 1803 Aug cumulative update: Installation fail loop.
16   Use Google Drive? Upgrade to Google One, cheap – AskWoody.
16   New bypasses for browser tracking protections and ad blockers.
16   Opera Software has released the latest version of its web browser.
16   Hanging up on mobile in the name of security – KrebsonSecurity.
16   Chrome bug allowed hackers access to all personal Facebook info.
15   Firefox Add-On Caught Collecting Users’ Browsing History.
15   Patch Tuesday fallout: Bad docs, but so far no major problems.
15   Email Phishers Bypass Microsoft Office 365 Protections.
15   Patch Tuesday, August 2018 Edition – KrebsonSecurity.
14   AV – Real-World Protection Test July, 2018.
14   Three New Intel CPU Side-Channel Flaws Discovered.
14   Adobe releases security patches for its 4 popular software.
14   Patch Tuesday hits with a bang – AskWoody.
13   Google tracks Android, iPhone users with Location History turned off.
13   Patch Tuesday’s coming: Block Windows Update.
12   Invisible mouse clicks let hackers burrow deep into macOS.
10   Many Android devices come with vulnerabilities.
10   Intel Graphics Driver security update for Windows 10.
09  Facial recognition tool can track people across social media sites.
08  Surface Pro 3 gets an update to improve security.
08  Google adds support for Windows 10 notifications in Chrome.
08  The mechanics of Windows patching – in plain English.
08  WhatsApp flaw lets users modify group chats to spread fake news.
07  FBI – Building a Defense Against Facebook Messenger Frauds.
07  AV – Android Mobile Security Review 2018 released.
07  Microsoft to support Skype Classic ‘for some time’ after users revolt.
06  Android 9.0 Pie is already available for the Essential Phone.
06  Cracking passwords of some WPA2 Wi-Fi networks now easier.
06  Mozilla fixes security vulnerabilities in Thunderbird 60.
04  Patch Lady – my response.
03  Windows updaters express frustrations. Microsoft responds.
03  CCleaner v5.45 pulled due to anger over usage data collection.
03  Surface Book 2 gets a huge list of firmware & driver updates.
03  The Week in Ransomware – Revenge of the Crab & more.
02  Microsoft Surface Book 2 Getting New Firmware Update.
02  The Year Targeted Phishing Went Mainstream.
02  Microsoft Edge Flaw Lets Hackers Steal Local Files.
02  Coinhive cryptojacking campaign targets MikroTik routers.
02  Patch Lady – Office 365 eula is due to update.
02  Patch Lady – guiding principles on patching.
01   Reddit breach highlights limits of SMS-based authentication.
01   Five file types make up 85% of all spam malicious attachments.
01   An open letter to Microsoft about poor Windows 10 update experiences.