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Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 2:30 pm

Bring your Android questions and we will try to get you answers to your issues. We will continue to review the settings on our devices if we run out of questions. If you would like to help me have extra time to prepare to answer any questions, please send them to me by email.

If you are having problems signing in, feel free to contact me or Joe Callison. We are both listed on the Board tab of the website.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday,
Bob Bowser

Bob Bowser convenes the Android SIG
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For those who wish to use their Android devices (either tablet or phone), we are using an app called FreeConferenceCall that you can download from the Google Play Store (note that there are no spaces in the app name). Bob Bowser has assembled a set of instructions that you can print and follow to join the meeting:
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Apple iPad/iPhone users can find the same app (Free Conference Call) on the Apple App Store. Installing and using it should be very similar to the Android instructions above.

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By Joe Callison
12 July 2021

Windows 11

Introducing Windows 11

Much to my surprise, Microsoft chose to name their “new and improved” version of  Windows as 11 instead of creating a catchy new name- a missed opportunity in my opinion. I guess they were still stinging from the Millennium Edition and Vista names that did not go so well. Now let’s see if they can actually get the new version out to computer manufacturers soon enough to be pre-installed in new computers for this holiday shopping season or if it will have to be installed later as a free upgrade.

For those not looking to buy a new computer with Windows 11 pre-installed, you will have to wait until sometime in the first half of 2022 for a free upgrade to Windows 11-  but only if your current computer has the hardware requirements to support it. Otherwise you will be stuck using Windows 10 updates until Microsoft ends support of Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 are still up in the air because some are “hard” requirements that must be met and some are just arbitrary performance or security related requirements and could be loosened if Microsoft so chooses, or users figure out how to get around them as has already been done with the TPM 2.0 (security related) requirement, by users replacing a file in the installation media for Windows 11 with the corresponding file from Windows 10 installation media so it does not look for that requirement  when installing. I wonder if Microsoft will revise the Windows 11 operating system to block that workaround?

Should you plan on buying a new computer with Windows 11? If you have a computer with an Intel 7th generation or AMD Ryzen 1st generation processor or older versions of either, it is probably time to consider buying a new computer anyway, but you can delay up to four more years if you are willing to keep using Windows 10 to the end of its support. The performance and security improvements in the Intel 8th generation or Ryzen 2nd generation and later systems are significant and they will meet the Windows 11 installation requirements. New computers designed to take advantage of many of the available Windows 11 features will be well worth considering if your current system will not support Windows 11. A list of requirements for installation of Windows 11 and use of specific features is in the link below.

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors

(For Geeks Only)

By Joe Callison
21 April 2021

Building Your Own Computer

Many of us like the idea of putting together our own computer. Not only is their satisfaction in building something yourself, but you can choose to put more or less money in the parts that you choose for your build depending on their importance to you. Even kids have been able to assemble their own desktop computers from parts these days.

There are many YouTube videos and step-by-step guides on the subject, and articles on choosing the best parts depending on whether you are building a budget or high-performance home/office or gaming computer. Some popular links include:,5867.html

Building your own computer has been almost entirely limited to desktop computers because of the lack of standardization in motherboard designs for laptops, which are designed to fit each unique model’s dimensions and arrangement of parts required by the enclosure design. The few options for laptops in the past have been bulky, heavy, and expensive, but this is beginning to change. From a snap-together modular toy-like laptop for school kids or Raspberry Pi kits for hobbyists to a promising new state-of-the-art system to be released this summer, there are more options for laptops than ever. 

Kano PC (ideal for young school-age kids)

Clevo Barebones Series (home/office to high performance)

Eluktronics Build Your Own Laptops (home/office to high performance)

Framework Laptop (designed to be easily upgradeable/repairable by the user)

I am looking forward to seeing what Framework will have to offer and at what prices, and hope they succeed with this new venture.

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help our board members and to fill two positions:  Hospitality General Meeting and Education positions are currently vacant.  We also need help with Programs and Publicity.  If interested, please email me or another Board Member. Our email addresses are on the “Board of Directors” page under the “About Us” menu.  Remember, this is your organization; please help us keep it healthy and growing.

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