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Wednesday, Sept 22, 2021, 2:30 pm

Bring your Android questions and we will try to get you answers to your issues. We will continue to review the settings on our devices if we run out of questions. If you have any questions about Android, please email me as soon as possible. I will try to be on-line at 2:15 pm in case any of you would like to chat before the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday,
Bob Bowser

Bob Bowser convenes the Android SIG
(785) 608-4904,

Revised Virtual Meeting Procedure:
We miss seeing our members. If you have been having problems joining our virtual meetings using Free Conference Call, please contact a Board Member and one of us will work with you prior to the meeting you are interested in joining. Board Members’ email addresses and phone numbers are under the “About Us” tab of SenCom’s website.


If you have the FreeConferenceCall (FCC) app, please start the app to join our meeting with audio and video. If you do not have the FCC app and do not want to install the FCC app, please click on this link below to enter the virtual meeting, and participate with audio only (your picture will not be available to anyone):

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Here are the complete instructions for our virtual meeting procedure:

We are using a service called Free Conference Call that allows all of us to be on at one time through video/audio conferencing or just audio conferencing. If you have a camera and speakers on your desktop computer or a laptop computer with a camera and speakers, you will find that using your PC or Mac computer along with the FCC app will probably give you the best experience. To use your computer to conference into the meeting, follow the instructions that I have assembled in this PDF:

Using your computer to access the Free Conference Call (PDF)→ (Revised)

Also available on our Free Conference Call page→ (Revised)

When using the Chrome browser to access a video conference, you may see a message that your browser has blocked access to your camera or audio. Look at the icons at the top right area of your browser for an icon with a red X like the following:

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Although Chrome is the preferred browser, others have used Firefox without any problems.

For those who wish to use their Android devices (either tablet or phone), we are using an app called FreeConferenceCall that you can download from the Google Play Store (note that there are no spaces in the app name). Bob Bowser has assembled a set of instructions that you can print and follow to join the meeting:
Using your Android device to access the FreeConferenceCall (PDF)→

Apple iPad/iPhone users can find the same app (Free Conference Call) on the Apple App Store. Installing and using it should be very similar to the Android instructions above.

Encryption Software & Safety for Seniors
September 22, 2021, 12:00 pm CT

Click here to Register –
Registration closes on 9/21/21 at 10:30 pm CT

Encryption Software, Mark Schulman. Losing a laptop or flash drive might mean you’re out some money, but it doesn’t have to mean that your private data leaks out into the world. Learn how to use encryption software to protect your private data on a PC, laptop, external hard drive, or USB flash drive.

Safety for Seniors, Lieutenant Kim Lopez, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma. This presentation is for senior adults who may not be able to protect themselves, yet it is applicable for all ages as violent crime occurs every 24.6 seconds. Attendees will learn why they should have a plan, what plan they should have and the tools to carry out that plan; how to avoid becoming a financial victim; the most common human response to violent crime; and it will answer questions like: which purse to carry, which purse NOT TO EVER CARRY, how men should carry wallets and why parking lots are so dangerous. Participants will leave knowing which method is the safest and why you should always get a shopping cart and never push it through the checkout line!

•  Johnson County, Kansas, Board of County Commissioners Resolution (PDF)

•  CDC is Closely Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak →

  Google’s Coronavirus Website →

By Joe Callison
5 September 2021

Shopping for a New Television?

Labor Day through New Year’s Day is the best time to buy the current model year televisions before the next year models are introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January and available to consumers by spring or summer. Most television manufacturers set the prices that authorized retail dealers can sell their televisions for, so any discounts should be the same wherever you shop but selecting a dealer with a price match guarantee is a good idea. Amazon does not do price matching according to my source of information. 

Next year’s new models may have new features but will likely be sold at full price at first. Some of the more important features to consider are listed below. Keep in mind that most television showrooms do not have lighting like you would be viewing the television under at home. Sometimes the brightness is adjusted up considerably in the showroom to compensate for the bright lighting and may wash out the color. Be sure to view the television from the same angles that it is likely to be viewed in your home because capability of viewing angle varies. Built in speakers rarely sound very good. A separate soundbar is an extra expense but well worth it.


Standard Definition (SD) 480 lines of resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
High Definition (HD) 720 lines of resolution (1280 x 720 pixels)
Full HD 1080 lines of resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Ultra-High Definition (UHD) 4K 2160 lines of resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
8K 4320 lines of resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels)

What resolution do you really need? It depends on the size of the television and how far you are seated from it. The average person with 20/20 eyesight can distinguish dots up to about 350 pixels per inch (ppi) at a normal reading distance of 10 inches. An 8 x 10 photo at that distance would need 9.8 megapixels (Mp) at that ppi. The same 8 x 10 photo displayed on a wall at a distance of 20 inches would only need 170 ppi or 2.3 Mp to appear the same. At 78 inches it would only need to have 44 ppi. A 40-inch television with Full HD would have about 55 ppi, which would look good at that distance. With the trend to ever larger television displays often viewed at close distances, more resolution is needed. The following table is based on one manufacturer’s dimensions for current 4K models and compares the minimum seating distances for 4K vs. Full HD viewing.

Display Size (Inches) Minimum Distance 4K (Ft) Minimum Distance Full HD (Ft)
48 3 6
55 3.5 7
65 4 8
77 5 10
83 5+ 10+

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Resolution alone does not make a television picture look good. The range of colors produced, from deep blacks to brilliant whites, makes a big difference in appearance. The current technology commonly used is known as HDR. For most people, a Full HD television with HDR will look better than a 4K UHD television without HDR. Most of the latest 4K televisions now include HDR also.

Refresh Rate
Practically all current televisions are going to have either a 60 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate, which is the number of frames of picture information displayed each second. Manufacturers have all kinds of proprietary gimmicks to produce and advertise higher effective refresh rates that trick the eyes into noticing less motion blur, but the actual native refresh rates remain the same. The higher than native refresh rates are typically only helpful for high-speed game playing or some types of sports viewing. For other types of viewing the techniques can appear unnatural. It would be desirable to be able to disable the features in the television settings when not needed.

HDMI 2.1
This newest HDMI standard is required if you want high quality 8K at 60 Hz or 4K at 120 Hz capability without data compression, but existing DVD players, video cameras, and other HDMI devices will still be using the older standard when they are connected to the television.

Most existing televisions are liquid crystal displays (LCD) with light emitting diodes (LED) for backlighting, they are typically only described as “LED” type by manufacturers. Quantum LED (QLED) is a technique by Samsung and others to use LED light to cause a layer of quantum dots in the LCD display to emit light. Organic LED (OLED) is an entirely different display technology than LED-LCD. It has color and backlight emitting diodes at every pixel of the display. It is much more expensive than LED-LCD but also has much richer color and deeper black capability and can be made in thinner, lighter weight panels. OLED tends to be more reflective of ambient light, so it is best with dim room lighting.

ATSC 3.0
Eight stations in Kansas City have begun ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, also called NextGenTV or 4K over-the-air, for people receiving television by antenna instead of cable or fiber. An ATSC 3.0 tuner is required to take advantage of it.
If you have an older 4K television with an ATSC 2.0 tuner, an external NextGenTV tuner box could be purchased to receive 4K over-the-air broadcasts.

(For Geeks Only)

By Joe Callison
24 August 2021


The Microsoft community of developers and customer/users post their on-going creations on GitHub for access by anyone, whether you are a contributor to the development or just want to try out what they are working on. Eventually some of the creations make it into the official Windows distribution as new features. Three features that caught my interest and a sample user contribution are in the following.  

Power Toys
Releases · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub

This is a collection of nine utilities that have been developed. Installing and running the app will add an icon in your hidden items that will launch the following screen. The icon is shown under the About Power Toys part of the screen snip. Some utilities I have found useful are:

Awake, to temporarily keep your computer awake without changing the power settings.
Image Resizer, a feature added to the menu when right-clicking on an image file.
Shortcut Guide, a display of all Windows keyboard shortcuts that you can also use to select the shortcuts from.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

I have not actually used this yet because the process for installing it in Windows 10 is a rather complicated manual process:

When Windows 11 comes out, it will be one simple command in PowerShell: wsl –install
Note, the Windows subsystem for Linux does not include a GUI interface, only a command line. It is primarily meant for software developers needing to run Linux code.

GitHub – PowerShell/PowerShell: PowerShell for every system!

This project is an on-going development of the Windows Terminal Preview, which adds tabs, color features, and many other enhancements to the terminal utility. By default, you not only have the PowerShell tab, but you can add tabs for Command Prompt, Azure, and other command line processes.

Sample User Contribution

A useful curated list and links to the best applications and tools for Windows.

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