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2 October, 2015
By Joe Callison

There are many ways to customize the way your computer looks and works to make it easier to use, especially for those with dexterity or eye sight issues. Most people are already familiar with using the zoom feature available in most programs to enlarge the display.

One of the other common problems people have is holding the mouse perfectly still during the double-click procedure. The slightest movement of the mouse between clicks will result in a single click. One option is to right-click on the object for the first click to get a pop-up menu, and then select the action desired from the menu with a single click, but changing the folder options to a single-click mouse operation is very simple.  Go to Control Panel:

If the View by: is set to Category, change it to either Large icons or Small icons to see the Folder Options.

Open Folder Options and select the “Single-click to open an item (point to select)” and then click the OK button.

There are many other options to improve accessibility in the Windows Ease of Access Center in the Control Panel. For help in using the accessibility options in Windows 7 or 8, you can view Microsoft tutorials at:

There is also a Microsoft guide for individuals with age-related impairments at:

Here is a Google powered search engine that is customized to be more readable and user-friendly that you might like to try:

For a free download of a program that turns any standard PC into an easy-to-use computer for first time, very young, or elderly computer users, try:

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