Senior Techies Tips

Our Senior Teckies group has responded to member’s questions that were submitted at meetings throughout 2012.

These pdf files summarize the tips presented at our January 2013 meeting.
Simply click on each Senior Teckie pdf file, then download to solve many computer issues that have been plaguing SENCOM members.

BobBowser.pdf  Subjects Covered: Google Search Tips, Web of Trust Program, How to find tutorials,and What is Wikipedia?

DaveBrown.pdf  Subject Covered: Understanding Email.

DonAchim.pdf  Subjects Covered: Avoiding scams and Fraud aimed at Senior Citizens.

MikeSmith.pdf  Subjects Covered: Windows 7 Desktop, Windows Explorer & File Mgmt., and using Thumb/Flash Drives.

TeresaWeaver.pdf  Subjects Covered: Great information on 2 popular Browsers, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Also, Tips on Web of Trust.

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