Windows 11


By Joe Callison
12 July 2021

Introducing Windows 11

Much to my surprise, Microsoft chose to name their “new and improved” version of Windows as 11 instead of creating a catchy new name- a missed opportunity in my opinion. I guess they were still stinging from the Millennium Edition and Vista names that did not go so well. Now let’s see if they can actually get the new version out to computer manufacturers soon enough to be pre-installed in new computers for this holiday shopping season or if it will have to be installed later as a free upgrade.

For those not looking to buy a new computer with Windows 11 pre-installed, you will have to wait until sometime in the first half of 2022 for a free upgrade to Windows 11- but only if your current computer has the hardware requirements to support it. Otherwise, you will be stuck using Windows 10 updates until Microsoft ends support of Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 are still up in the air because some are “hard” requirements that must be met and some are just arbitrary performance or security-related requirements and could be loosened if Microsoft so chooses, or users figure out how to get around them as has already been done with the TPM 2.0 (security-related) requirement, by users replacing a file in the installation media for Windows 11 with the corresponding file from Windows 10 installation media so it does not look for that requirement when installing. I wonder if Microsoft will revise the Windows 11 operating system to block that workaround?

Should you plan on buying a new computer with Windows 11? If you have a computer with an Intel 7th generation or AMD Ryzen 1st generation processor or older versions of either, it is probably time to consider buying a new computer anyway, but you can delay up to four more years if you are willing to keep using Windows 10 to the end of its support. The performance and security improvements in the Intel 8th generation or Ryzen 2nd generation and later systems are significant and they will meet the Windows 11 installation requirements. New computers designed to take advantage of many of the available Windows 11 features will be well worth considering if your current system will not support Windows 11. A list of requirements for installation of Windows 11 and the use of specific features is in the link below.

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

Windows 11 Supported AMD Processors

The best Windows 11 features added in 2023
The year 2023 marks a significant milestone for Windows 11 with the introduction of several new features and improvements. This includes drag and drop for the taskbar, AI, and more.

Microsoft published official Windows 11 videos to help users learn basic stuff
Microsoft has published a new video series called “Meet Windows 11”. It consists of three introductory videos describing how to do basic things in the latest operating system from Microsoft. For example, the series highlights personalization, apps, tools, features, and other capabilities newcomers to Windows 11 may consider helpful.

Enable Windows 11’s God Mode to access all settings on one screen
Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 comes with a new Settings app. It uses a sidebar and breadcrumbs to help users easily navigate between different pages, and it also features new controls for customization, managing network, power usage, disk management, and more. The settings app has been significantly improved, but several Control Panel features are still missing.

Windows 11 will be released on October 5th to newer devices
Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be released on October 5th, 2021, to Windows 10 users with support devices. Windows 11 is the first major version of Windows released since 2015 when Windows 10 was released.
Like its predecessor, Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for users running compatible hardware and running a recent version of Windows. For Windows 10 users with supported hardware, you will be able to update directly via Windows Update or the media creation tool.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Compatibility Tool Will Now Say Why Your PC Can’t Upgrade
If you’re excited about Windows 11, you may have already downloaded Microsoft’s compatibility checker app dubbed “PC Health Check” only to get a hard “no” with no clear reason why. Good news, now the update checker tool will give you a clearer reason, and you may have an easy fix.

What Is a Secured-Core PC for Windows 11?
Home PCs can face very different threats from business machines, which is why Microsoft and its manufacturing partners developed the Secured-Core PC for enterprises. However, some of their security features are included in all versions of Windows 11. Let’s take a look at how a Secured-Core PC compares to your laptop at home.