Windows 7

RIP Windows 7: We’re Going to Miss You
More than a decade after its release, Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020. Let’s look back at what made Windows 7 so awesome and why it’s a great operating system we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.  Continue reading →

You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 For Free, Here’s How
Bleeping Computer, 6/02/2020
This article was originally posted on December 1st, 2019, but has since been updated to reflect the current version of Windows 10 and new steps that should be taken to prevent problems with the upgrade.  Continue reading→

(For Geeks Only)

By Joe Callison
14 October 2018

Migration from Old Computer to New Computer

Windows Computers
So you have purchased a new Windows computer and now you are wondering how to move your files, and maybe even your settings and programs, from the old computer to the new one. If you only want to move your user files from the old computer to the new computer, you can either copy the folders containing those files from the old computer to a USB flash drive or external hard drive and then copy them from there to the new computer, or you could set up the computers on your home network to share files and copy them over the network connection.  Continue reading →