Great Entertainment from Planet Coaster

By Jim Cerny, Forum Leader, Sarasota Technology Users Group, FL
April 2019 issue, The STUG Monitor
jimcerny123 (at)

Games and entertainment are big uses for a computer. Recently, I found in my browsing a game called “Planet Coaster” where I have enjoyed watching videos of roller coasters, parks, rides, and more all created by others who have been enjoying the tremendous creativity possible with this game. You do not have to buy the game to enjoy it – I do not own it myself yet, but I am planning on it. You can experience the creative results of other builders who have let their imaginations go wild just by viewing videos of their creations.

Perhaps you remember the “Roller Coaster Tycoon” game? Well, welcome to the latest imaging technology which now makes Roller Coaster Tycoon look like a pencil drawing by a kinder- gardener.

Do a Google search on “Planet Coaster” and watch some videos and see what you think. Everything you see – buildings, rides, terrain, water, etc. – is all created in this game following player commands. It is much more than just creating a great coaster, it is the total immersion in the environment you create. There are videos of complete parks with rides and different themes, day and night, and even fireworks displays! What makes this even more amazing is that players are free to share their creations with other players. So, if you like a ride, you can use it in your park – and make any modifications you like.

The night scenes of the parks are really spectacular, with lights, flames, and more. The videos you watch put you IN the ride from a wide selection of “views.” It is very impressive.

Viewing these videos makes me admire the talent and creativity of others and I am sure you will enjoy watching them as well. Don’t get sick riding the coasters!