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Pegah’s Family Restaurant
12122 W 87th Street
Lenexa, KS 66215
2nd block W of Quivira Rd, N side


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Friday, Mar 23, 2018, 11:30 am

Computer Device Trouble?
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This is a social gathering, with casual computer talk and generally good times. You can join in the conversation or just come listen. Everyone learns something!

Mary Ann BaltuskaMary Ann Baltuska is the
Hospitality Chairperson for
SenCom Lunch & Learn

Past Demos: 

“Photos” Windows 10 App, by Bob Bowser, 9/22/17
This app can be accessed in the start menu. The photos in your OneDrive account and in your local Pictures library will show up in this app, organised by date taken. You can select file information for a photo and get more info about that photo, including its filename, location (in the cloud or on your PC) and other useful information such as size, date and time taken and device the photo was taken on if present.
Save Money & Stay Safe While Holiday Shopping Online, by Joe Callison, 9/22/17
This was a review of an article that appeared in the SENIOR PLANET website on 11/25/2015. Click on the following link to read about the many ways to “Save Money & Stay Safe While Holiday Shopping Online

 “Store” Windows 10 App, by Bob Bowser, 3/24/17
The symbol for the Store app is a shopping bag. It is one of the tiles originally displayed when you click the start button. It can also be accessed in the start menu and the taskbar. The store contains paid and free Apps and Games, Music, Movies & TV.
Chrome Cleanup Tool, by Joe Callison, 3/24/17
This tool is a standalone Google executable application that can find and remove unwanted programs that come bundled with other programs (mostly the free ones) that you installed. It works for Chrome and other major browsers.

“Calculator” Windows 10 App, by Bob Bowser, 5/26/17
This app can be accessed in the start menu. The calculator types include Standard, Scientific, Programmer, and Date Calculation. Also included is a CONVERTER for Volume, Length, Weights and Mass, Temperature, Energy, Area, Speed, Time, Power, Data, Pressure, and Angle.
LastPass Password Manager, by Jack Pearce, 5/26/17
There are other good password managers available but this is the only one I have tried and used. The main function is to save login information and fill the login fields thereafter. Besides computer browsers, it can also be used on portable devices. It is available as an Add-on or Extension in all major browsers. When first added to your browser, it appears as a dark square to the right of the address bar. To set up an account and start using it, just click the dark square and fill in your email address and a master password for LastPass. Store a copy of the master password in a secure location off of the computer. After this sign in procedure is finished, the dark square will turn red and LastPass becomes available to save all future login information. A comprehensive user manual is located at:

Smartphone Types & Buying Tips, by Joe Callison, 2/23/18 → PDF