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George Cadmus, Editor, Northern Neck Computer User Group
April & May 2019 issues, The Computer Link
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April 2019 issue:

Are Cheap Windows and Office Programs a Scam?
Why those cheap Windows and Office programs don’t last. When every cent counts, as it does for most of us, cheap Windows and Microsoft Office software has an undoubted appeal. But, in addition to the question of whether this software is legal or ethical, buyers also face the risk that it’ll stop working just when they need it most. In this week’s issue we explain where some of this dubious software comes from and why it’s best to give it a wide berth.

Scammers Hide Behind Padlock Security Symbol to Trick Victims.
That padlock icon in your browser address bar that you used to rely on to signal website safety can no longer be trusted — because crooks are now using them as well. In this week’s Snippets issue, we’ll explain what’s happened to that once trusted symbol of security.

Undetectable Fileless Malware Threatens Businesses and Consumers.
Most security software can’t detect fileless malware attacks, so what can you do? Fileless malware is one of the biggest challenges facing security software vendors — because they can’t detect it. Right now, it’s a growing threat to businesses but consumers could be next in the scammers’ sights. So, what is fileless malware and is there anything you can do to protect your PC from infection? We have some answers for you in this week’s issue.

Why Do Computers Crash? Seven Reasons Why.
It’s a royal pain when your computer locks up, freezes, crashes, or displays the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” with some cryptic error message. This sort of problem can be devilishly difficult to diagnose, because many things can cause a computer to crash (and burn!). Click on the link below to see seven common causes of computer crashes and some tips on how to deal with them.

Dead Zone? Try a Wi-Fi Extender
Many homes have Wi-Fi “dead zones” where radio signals are weak or nonexistent. Wi-Fi extenders (also called Wi-Fi repeaters, range extenders, or wireless signal boosters) can fill such gaps, enabling your teenagers to keep their video gaming in the basement instead of taking over the living room couch. An extender can also let you live the dream of Web surfing in a hammock out in the back yard. Click on the link below to see some recommended gear to make it happen.

If Computer Problems Were Real

Amazon Echo

Italian Grandma Hilariously Learns How to Use Google Home Device

Funny Cats Scared of Computer

Funny Computer Problem

May 2019 issue:

Do This Instead of Printing (you’ll save time and money)
How often do you use your printer? If it’s more than occasionally, I’ve got some tips to simplify your life and save you money. Aside from wasting paper, killing trees unnecessarily, and spending more than $300 a gallon on printer ink, you’re also creating a stack of pages that you’ll have to do something with. Click on the link below to see ways to minimize those hard copies, as well as the associated filing, and tedious searching tasks.

Is Your Head in The Clouds?
Are you using cloud-based services like online backup, webmail and document sharing? Most people don’t know much about the safety and security of cloud computing. Are your files and sensitive data safe and secure in the cloud, or are they vulnerable to hackers and other threats? Click on the link below to get the scoop on cloud storage security.

[HOWTO] Extend Your Laptop Battery Life
It’s so easy to take electrical outlets for granted; they’re everywhere, right? But sometimes you forget your laptop’s charger at home or get stuck far from a power outlet — quite common if you use your laptop in a coffee shop, or in an airport, plane, train or car. Follow these tips to maximize the run time of your PC or Mac laptop’s battery.

Genealogy Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems
Take less than 10 minutes to hear about 4 of genealogy blogger and lecturer Amy Johnson Crow’s favorite website and mobile apps that can help you learn more about the local history of the places where your ancestors lived. Amy joins Lisa Louise Cooke (The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Family Tree Magazine Podcast) at the national Rootstech conference in Salt Lake City.

Photoshop Elements
How to Crop a Photo and Images in Photoshop Elements 2019

10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier! 2019
It’s that time again for this year’s edition of Useful Websites that can help you in your daily life. These 10 websites you are in various categories that some of you might know about along with ones that you’ll wish you knew about earlier.

Tired of Robocalls? Stop Answering Your Phone
The robocall problem keeps getting worse. Nearly half of all calls come from automated systems, and that number is increasing. Tired of answering your phone and talking to robots, scammers, or scammer robots? Just stop answering. Click on the link below to find out more.

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