General Meeting

General Meeting
Virtual Meeting
Friday, April 10, 2020, 1:30 pm

SenCom’s April General Meeting:
SenCom is holding it’s April General Meeting as a video conference or virtual meeting on Friday, April 10, 2020, at 1:30 pm. Our topic for the meeting will be about video conferencing or virtual meetings in general. Many of you have been asked or will be asked to join such meetings while social distancing is needed and we want you to be well aware of the technology and simple ways for you to participate. As usual, we will be making some announcements and have a Q&A session followed by the presentation on video conferencing by our Technical Director Joe Callison.

Help with virtual meetings:
Joe Callison and your SenCom Board have been working on setting up virtual meetings for SenCom to maintain contact with as many members as possible. We are using a service called Free Conference Call that allows all of us to be on at one time through video/audio conferencing or just audio conferencing. If you have a camera and speakers on your desktop computer or a laptop computer with a camera and speakers, you will find that using your PC or Mac computer will probably give you the best experience. To use your computer to conference into the meeting, follow the instructions that Joe Callison assembled.
Using your computer to access the Free Conference Call (PDF)→

Although Joe mentions that Chrome is the preferred browser, I know that others have used Firefox without any problems.

For those who wish to use their Android devices (either tablet or phone), we are using an app called FreeConferenceCall that you can download from the Google Play Store (note that there are no spaces in the app name). I have included a set of instructions that you can print and follow to join the meeting.
Using your Android device to access the FreeConferenceCall (PDF)→

Apple iPad/iPhone users can find the same app (Free Conference Call) on the Apple App Store. Installing and using it should be very similar to the Android instructions above.

Either Joe or I will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have about the instructions. On Friday, I will set up my computer at approximately 1:15 pm so that you may begin to join shortly after that time.

This is our reality for the near future and we want to make this simple enough that all members will want to participate. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

 Happy Computing,
Bob Bowser,

About Free Video Conferencing Software (PDF)→

Webconferencing Links (PDF)→

Our General Meetings are usually held on the second Friday of each month except for the July and August vacation period. They are usually held at the Johnson County Central Resource Library except for the May Annual Meeting/Lunch which is usually held at Lakeview Village.

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