General Meeting

General Meeting

Oak Park Library
9500 Bluejacket St
Overland Park, KS 66214
Large Meeting Room


Friday, Sept 10, 2021, 1:15→3:15 pm

Topic: Learning Resources for Seniors
Presenter: Hewie Poplock


No matter our age, there is still a lot to learn. Hewie’s presentation covers many websites where we can add to our knowledge – not always about technology. Lifelong learning is the process of keeping your mind and body engaged, at any age, by actively pursuing knowledge and experience. The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning – whether it’s learning how to dance, speak a foreign language, write a newsletter, improve your golf swing, or repair your car – has wonderful benefits for adults 50-plus.

Our General Meetings are usually held on the second Friday of each month except for the July and August vacation period. They are usually held at the Johnson County Central Resource Library except for the May Annual Meeting/Lunch which is usually held at Lakeview Village.

Past Presentations:
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Social Media For Seniors, Video Recording→
by Judy Taylour, 6/11/2021
Presentation Follow-up from Judy: – I click on the AARP Click Now button (I’m a member).

PDF of the presentation is attached. 

I have also attached the PDF of my FB security presentation in case you can use some of the info for your class. I ended up with a gazillion resources and have a couple of more that I am going to use to update the presentation. I am enjoying the Edge Collections feature to keep track of websites I find to use at meetings, presentations, etc. I created one for the YouTube links I like–works better for me than Favorites.

I sent the Goodreads question to Steve Costello and have attached his presentation. There is a community page that might be considered some type of social media. He has the distinction of belonging to 4 groups in Florida, president of some of them, and having the groups disband. 

Goodreads….Community Page

This page has links to Groups, Discussions, Quotes, Ask the Author, Trivia, Quizzes, Creative Writing, People, and Events.

I don’t know much about these links, but some might be interested.

Facebook – Creating a Safe Environment (PDF)
About Reading And Using Goodreads (PDF)
Social Media for Seniors (PDF)

Annual Meeting, 5/14/2021, Video Recording→
Program: “Introduction to Chromebooks in 2021”, by Joe Callison
Introduction to Chromebooks in 2021 Handout (PDF)

Take Control of Your Passwords
by Joe Kissell, 4/9/21, Video Recording→

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music
by Ray Baxter, 3/12/21,
Video Recording→

All Things Google
by Bill James, 2/12/2021, Video Recording→

Ergonomics: You, Your Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone
by Judy Taylour, 1/08/2021, Video Recording→
Slideshow of presentation (PDF)→
Perixx Vertical Mouse mentioned by Mike Hurley→

COVID-19 Shopping Tips, Video Recording
by Bob & Marilyn Bowser, 12/11/2020
Outline with video from Today Show (PDF)→

Introduction to Cutting the Cord & Streaming
by Bob Bowser, 11/13/2020, Video Recording→

Staying Safe and Secure
by Bob Gostischa, 10/9/2020, Zoom Recording→

From: bob3160 <>
Date: Fri, Oct 9, 2020, at 3:46 PM
Subject: Presentation Follow Up as promised
To: Bob Bowser <>

Hello Bob,

Thanks for helping to make this afternoon’s presentation a success.

The questions asked during and after the presentation, let me know the presentation was well received and the laughter assured me that I didn’t put anyone to sleep.

Please find instructions to successfully install Avast and other helpful links and tips at


Don’t forget to scroll down to see all (3 pages) of the information.

If you found this presentation helpful, please let your friends in other clubs know that it’s available totally free of charge and without any strings attached.

You’ll find an entry about today’s presentation on my Blog,

If you’re interested, here is a video of this presentation that was recorded on 10/7/2020.(  You may notice some differences since I constantly update the information as new information becomes available. No two presentations are ever exactly alike. (Some days I do a better job than others.)

 There is also an entry about today’s presentation on my Blog –

Warmest regards and I hope we’ll meet again next year,  


Norbert (Bob) Gostischa
(505) 250-1089

Digital Asset Estate Planning; Even After You’ve Died Your Identity Isn’t Safe (PDF)→
by Judy Taylour, 9/11/2020,    Where to Find Stuff When I’m No Longer Here (Word checklist)
Where to Find Stuff When I’m No Longer Here (Excel checklist)

Annual Meeting, Virtual Meeting, 5/14/2020
Video recording of Annual Meeting

Instructions for a Video Conference or Virtual Meeting
by Joe Callison, Revised 9/8/2020 ~ View PDF→ 

Home Automation Introduction, 1/10/2020
By Bill James, VP of Operations, Computer Club of Oklahoma City; APCUG Director, Region 8. Slide Show (PDF)→

Local History & Genealogy Resources on, 10/11/2019
by Amanda Wahlmeier, Local History Librarian of the Jo Co Library.

Protect Yourself Against Scams, 10/12/2018
by Mandi McCoy, Marketing Consultant with Partners in Primary Care.

Let the Internet Help You Read for Fun
by Elizabeth Appelbaum, Ph.D., 1/12/2018 ~ Slide Show (PDF)→

Password Managers, KeePass & LastPass
by Mike Hurley and Jack Pearce, 12/8/2017
KeePass YouTube video:
LastPass YouTube video:

Being Connected and Secure: Lessons for Everyday Computer Use
by Roozmehr Safi, 1/13/2017 ~  Slide Show (PDF)→

Backing Up a Computer
by Joe Callison, 12/9/2016 ~ View PDF

YouTube – More than Entertainment
by Joe Callison, 3/11/2016 ~ View PDF

Free Ways to Protect Your Computer
by Mike Smith, 6/12/2015 View PDF

How To Purchase A Car
by Elizabeth Appelbaum, Ph.D., 3/21/2014 ~ Slide Show (PDF)→

How to Research the Purchase of Electronic Devices
by Joe Callison, 2/14/2014 ~ Use these  ~ ~ ~ ~