General Meeting

General Meeting
Central Resource Library

9875 W 87th St
Overland Park, KS 66212
Carmack Community Room


Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Q&A 1st hour, Presentation 2nd hour

Topic: “The Wonders of YouTube”
Presenter: Joe Callison

Note: There are no General Meetings for the vacation months of July and August. The other meetings will continue to meet at their regular times and locations.

Visitors Always Welcome

Our General Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month except for the July and August vacation period. They are also usually held at the Johnson County Central Resource Library  except for the May Annual Meeting/Lunch which is currently held at Lakeview Village.

Past Presentations:

How to Research the Purchase of Electronic Devices
by Joe Callison, 2/14/14 ~ Use these ~ ~ ~ ~

How To Purchase A Car
by Elizabeth Appelbaum, Ph.D., 3/21/14 ~ Slide Show (PDF)  ←Click to open.

Free Ways to Protect Your Computer
by Mike Smith, 6/12/15 View PDF

YouTube – More than Entertainment
by Joe Callison, 3/11/16 ~ View PDF

Backing Up a Computer
by Joe Callison, 12/9/16 ~ View PDF

Being Connected and Secure: Lessons for Everyday Computer Use
by Roozmehr Safi, 1/13/17, ~  Slide Show (PDF)  ←Click to open.

Password Managers, KeePass & LastPass
by Mike Hurley and Jack Pearce, 12/8/17
KeePass YouTube vidio:
LastPass YouTube vidio:

Let the Internet Help You Read for Fun
by Elizabeth Appelbaum, Ph.D., 1/12/18 ~ Slide Show (PDF)  ←Click to open.

Protect Yourself Against Scams, 10/12/18
by Mandi McCoy, Marketing Consultant with Partners in Primary Care.