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November 2020 (Click listings for more information).
26  Massive Zoom phishing targets Thanksgiving meetings.
26  Ransomware hits largest US fertility network, patient data stolen.
26  Sophos alerts customers of info exposure after security breach.
25  Windows 7 and Server 2008 zero-day bug get a free patch.
25  Chrome now lets you execute commands via the address bar.
24  Crooks impersonate US govt agencies offering financial aid.
24  Post-breach, Peatix data found on Instagram, Telegram.
24  Stantinko’s Linux malware poses as an Apache webserver.
24  Spotify launches ‘rolling reset’ on customer accounts.
24  Baidu’s Android apps caught collecting sensitive user details.
24  WAPDropper malware subscribes you to premium services.
23  TikTok fixes bugs allowing account takeover with one click.
23  300K Spotify accounts hacked in credential stuffing attack.
23  VMware discloses zero-day vulnerability in Workspace One.
23  Fake Minecraft mods swamp 1M Android devices with ads.
23  FBI warns of recently registered domains spoofing its sites.
23  A pre-Thanksgiving all-clear to install patches – Patch Lady.
22  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
22  How to boost your Windows 10 experience with PowerToys.
22  Hands-on with Windows Terminal 1.5’s upcoming features.
21  Tasks for the Weekend – by Susan Bradley.
21  Best Microsoft tools created for Windows 10 power users.
21  Windows 10 Defrag TRIM bug still not fixed after six months.
21  TrickBot turns 100, latest malware released with new features.
20  The Week in Ransomware – Don’t mess with the turkey.
20  Support for Chrome on Windows 7 extended by 6 months.
20  Ten million impacted in data exposure.
20  VMWare releases fix for ESXi, Workstation vulnerability.
20  Win10 builds 18363.1237, 17763.1613 released with more fixes.
20  Win10 KB4586819 update fixes gaming & USB 3.0 issues.
19  Microsoft releases Edge 87 with shopping features and more.
19  Mount Locker ransomware targets your TurboTax tax returns.
19  iOS 14.2.1 released with fixes for iPhone 12 mini’s bugs.
19  Android app exposes private photos, videos, & Messages.
19  Windows 10 builds 19042.631 & 18363.1199 fix security.
19  How to downgrade Windows 10 20H2 to previous versions.
19  Popular Android chat app exposes private messages.
19  Google’s free services are phishing campaign’s best friends.
19  Mozilla Releases Security Updates for Firefox & Thunderbird.
19  Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome.
18  Windows 10 build 17763.1579 released with a security fix.
18  Hackers use Zerologon exploits against Japanese orgs.
18  Issue causing Windows 10 certificates to disappear fixed.
18  Apple Silicon-optimized Chrome is pulled after crash reports.
17  Google affirms Chrome crashing bug on Macs with Apple CPUs.
17  Chrome 87 is out with performance boost & security fixes.
17  Office 365 phishing detects sandboxes to evade detection.
17  Firefox 83 is out with HTTPS-Only mode, zero-day fix.
17  Apple – Big Sur big problem? – Susan Bradley.
17  Be Very Sparing in Allowing Site Notifications.
16  Windows 10 20H2 bug breaks in-place upgrade feature.
16  Database reveals 100K+ compromised Facebook accounts.
16  Capcom confirms data breach after gamers’ data stolen.
16  Windows pauses cumulative update previews for December.
15  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
15  Android 11: privacy and security features to know about.
14  The Week in Ransomware – Extortion gone wild.
14  Malwarebytes is kicking Windows printers offline.
14  Early patching reports for November – Susan Bradley.
14  Hacker shares 3.2 million Pluto TV accounts for free on forum.
14  iOS Safari feature can be used to share “fake news” headlines.
13  IRS announces move to protect businesses from ID theft.
13  New Discord malware steals passwords, system info.
13  Jupyter malware steals browser data, opens backdoor.
12  The North Face resets passwords after a credential attack.
12  Data breach exposes 820K EyeMed, LensCrafters patients.
12  DNS cache poisoning attacks return due to Linux weakness.
12  Google fixes more Chrome zero-days exploited in the wild.
12  Apple’s macOS 11 Big Sur is now available for everyone.
12  Tool lets attackers easily create reply-chain phishing emails.
12  The November Patch Tuesday aftermath – Susan Bradley.
11  Animal Jam kids’ virtual world data breach impacts 46M.
11  Intel fixes 95 vulnerabilities in November Platform Update.
11  Google patches two more Chrome zero-days.
11  Office security updates fix remote code execution bugs.
11  NVIDIA fixes a flaw in GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.
11  Samsung fixes critical Android flaws with recent updates.
10  Several anti-virus engines flag Dell printer drivers as unsafe.
10  Microsoft is investigating undeletable emails.
10  Win10 Intel microcode released to fix CPU security bugs.
10  Microsoft fixes Windows zero-day disclosed by Google.
10  Here’s what’s new for Windows 7 and 8.1 this month.
10  Microsoft Store, Outlook, & Xbox Live are down worldwide.
10  Windows 10 Updates KB4586786 & KB4586781 Released.
10  Windows and Office patches are out – Susan Bradley.
10  Microsoft releases .NET 5.0, improving ARM64, and a lot more.
10  Adobe releases security update for Adobe Reader for Android.
10  Scammers impersonating the IRS threaten legal action.
10  Android trojan evolves from Brazil to spread internationally.
09  Slipstream NAT bypass attacks to be blocked by browsers.
09  Chrome to block JavaScript redirects on web page URL clicks.
09  Microsoft works on fix for Windows apps forgetting passwords.
09  Millions of hotel guests worldwide caught up in data leak.
09  It’s time to pause those Windows 10 updates, Susan Bradley.
09  Woody Leonhard looks back a bit, looks ahead to retirement.
08  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
08  Trump lawsuit site to report rejected votes leaked voter data.
07  This script lets you download ISOs for any Windows 10 version.
07  Microsoft issues updates for Surface Book 3, Laptop 3, & Pro 7.
07  Data breach exposes LensCrafters, EyeMed patient info.
07  FBI warns US government agencies and private companies.
06  The Week in Ransomware – Video Games and Liquor!
06  Microsoft is force-upgrading users on Win10 1903 to 1909.
06  Windows 10 policy lets you disable cloud customized taskbars.
06  New upgrade block added for Win10 versions 2004 & 20H2.
06  Windows 10 20H2 LSASS crash issue causes forced reboots.
06  Win10 20H2 crashes when connecting Thunderbolt NVMe SSDs.
05  Updates released for tvOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, HomePod 14.2, iOS 14.2 & iPadOS 14.2, macOS Catalina 10.15.7.
05  Dell enables Linux hardware privacy controls.
05  Using Cisco’s Webex Meetings for remote work? Patch now.
05  Malspam Campaign Milks Election Uncertainty.
04  U.S. seizes another crop of Iranian propaganda domains.
04  Qbot botnet spewing U.S. election-themed phishing emails.
04  Google Forms abused to phish AT&T credentials.
04  Windows 10 issue behind displays going black is fixed.
04  Apple search bot leaked internal IPs via proxy configuration.
04  Microsoft outage breaks sites, Windows Store, Xbox, more.
04  Office 365 phishing inverts images to evade detection.
04  23,600 databases have been leaked on 2 hacking forums.
03  Patch Lady: be aware of potential issues with HP firmware.
03  Google discloses a ‘high’ severity security flaw in GitHub.
03  November Office non-Security updates are now available.
03  Adobe fixes security vulnerabilities in Acrobat, Reader.
03  Surface Laptop 3 & Book 2 get firmware & driver updates.
02  Google patches actively exploited Chrome zero-day.
02  Hackers use zero-day to breach corporate networks.
02  Windows 10 1809 reaches end of service next week.
02  Microsoft is investigating lost Win10 certificates issue.
02  You’re using your Android fingerprint reader all wrong.
01  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
01  Gold seller hacked to steal customers’ credit cards.
01  Microsoft is mad as hell. This may make it worse.
01  US Cyber Command exposes new Russian malware.

October 2020 (Click listings for more information).
31  Chrome will soon have its own certificate root store.
31  Hacker is selling 34 million user records from 17 companies.
31  Emotet malware wants to invite you to a Halloween party.
30  How Iranian hackers stole voter info from state election sites.
30  Android malware abuses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging.
30  FBI shares details on Iran’s fake Proud Boys emails.
30  The Week in Ransomware – Hospitals under siege.
30  Wroba mobile banking trojan spreads to the U.S. via texts.
30  Google discloses Windows zero-day exploited in the wild.
30  Get the October patches installed, & consider Win10 2004.
29  Upcoming driver changes in Win10 may break plug-&-play.
29  Microsoft warns of attacks using Windows Zerologon flaw.
29  PowerToys 0.25 out with fixes & stability improvements.
29  Georgia county voter information leaked by ransomware.
29  Microsoft releases KB4580364 to fix Windows 10 freezes.
29  Critical Oracle WebLogic flaw actively targeted in attacks.
29  Hackers are targeting US hospitals with Ryuk ransomware.
28  FBI, DHS, warn of ransomware threat against U.S. hospitals.
28  SMBGhost flaw still haunts 108K Windows systems.
28  ‘Copyright violation’ notices lead to Facebook 2FA bypass.
28  QNAP warns of QTS bugs that allow take over of devices.
28  Mobile devices are shaping the way we work, play, and vote.
27  Mac users unable to print after Apple revoked HP certificate.
27  Patch Lady – how old is that computer?
27  Update released to remove Adobe Flash from Windows.
27  Mozilla rolls out Firefox version to fix Windows reboot bug.
27  LinkedIn, Instagram vulnerable to preview-link RCE woes.
27  Zoom rolls out encryption for all desktop & mobile users.
27  Amazon sacks insiders over data leak, alerts customers.
26  Microsoft is throttling Windows 10 20H2 availability for all.
26  Adware found in 21 Android apps with 7+ million downloads.
26  Microsoft improves password spray attack detection.
26  Nitro data breach impacts Microsoft, Google, Apple, more.
25  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
25  How to take control of Windows 10 feature updates.
25  Microsoft begins to finally kill off Internet Explorer.
25  How to access Windows 10’s hidden SYSTEM control panel.
24  A closer look at Windows 10’s brand-new Start Menu.
24  Emotet malware now wants you to upgrade Microsoft Word.
24  Microsoft is investigating these Windows 10 20H2 issues.
23  The Week in Ransomware – From Russia with Love.
23  Apple notarizes 6 malicious apps posing as Flash installers.
23  Microsoft fixes issue blocking Windows 10 upgrades.
23  User data being collected via fake voter registration forms.
23  Firefox 82 update slowed due to printing issues, crashes.
22  NVIDIA update to fix GeForce Experience vulnerabilities.
22  Workaround for broken Windows 10 ‘Reset this PC’ feature.
22  Microsoft now lets you bypass Windows 10 update blocks.
22  My new favorite Windows update setting – Susan Bradley.
22  Microsoft Patch Alert – by Woody Leonhard.
21  Iran behind fake Proud Boys voter intimidation emails.
21  Chrome now blocks site notifications with abusive content.
21  Win10 improves defrag, adds theme-aware splash screens.
21  iOS 14 bug resets app settings for email and browser apps.
21  Windows Zerologon flaw affecting some QNAP NAS devices.
21  Win10 20H2 adds faster malware detection to security baseline.
21  Security updates for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird.
20  Google Chrome update fixes actively exploited zero-day bug.
20  Apple releases iOS 14.1 & iPadOS 14.1, 10-bit HDR support.
20  Win10 KB4580386 fixes XBOX, display, USB printer issues.
20  How to download the Windows 10 20H2 ISO from Microsoft.
20  Adobe fixes 18 bugs affecting its Windows, macOS apps.
20  Windows 10 20H2 is released, here are the new features.
20  Pfizer leaks customer prescription info, call transcripts.
20  Mozilla is rolling out Firefox 82 for users on the desktop.
20  Mobile browsers vulnerable to address bar spoofing attacks.
19  KB4579311 update won’t install, causes Explorer crashes.
19  Phishing hijacks Microsoft 365 accounts via OAuth app.
19  FBI warns of new domains spoofing US Census Bureau.
19  Bug in Microsoft Edge causes Office PWAs to be installed.
19  Windows GravityRAT malware also targets Android, macOS.
19  Microsoft adds option to disable JScript in Internet Explorer.
18  Beware of Emotet malware’s ‘Windows Update’ attachment.
18  Use Win10 in-place upgrades to fix Windows Update issues.
18  Chrome and Edge are creating random debug.log log files.
17  Use Win10’s God Mode to access all settings on one screen.
17  Hackers now abuse BaseCamp for free malware hosting.
17  Political candidates’ emails use tricks to manipulate voters.
17  3 npm packages opened shells on Linux, Windows systems.
16  The Week in Ransomware – The weekend is upon us.
16  Out-of-band Windows security updates to fix RCE bugs.
16  Sure Click Enterprise 4.2 Patch 1 fixes initialization failures.
16  Office 365 adds protection against downgrade & MITM attacks.
15  HEVC codec bug fixed via the Microsoft Store, and more.
15  Win10 version 2004 systemwide password “amnesia” fixed?
15  Breach at Dickey’s BBQ smokes three million cards.
15  Magento holes open online shops to code execution.
15  Microsoft now lets you disable insecure JScript in IE.
15  Microsoft adds refresh rate option to Windows 10 settings.
15  Leak exposes records, personal voicemail transcripts.
15  October patched security holes are getting hit hard.
15  New Emotet attacks use fake Windows Update lures.
14  Barnes & Noble’s cyberattack exposed customer data.
14  Proctor service ProctorTrack disabled service after hack.
14  Microsoft is forcibly installing Office PWAs in Windows 10.
14  Microsoft fixes Outlook bug exploitable via preview pane.
14  Microsoft fixes Windows certificate spoofing CAT files bug.
14  US warns: patch Windows ‘Bad Neighbor’ TCP/IP bug now.
14  Intel and Google urging users to update the Linux kernel.
14  Canva design platform abused in credentials phishing.
13  Windows 10 blocks some third-party drivers from installing.
13  Microsoft October Patch Tuesday fixes 87 security bugs.
13  Win10 cumulative updates KB4579311 & KB4577671 released.
13  Here’s what’s new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this month.
13  Windows 10 now warns when apps are set to run at startup.
13  Bug opens Android Smart-TV Box to data theft.
13  Office 2010 and Office 2016 for Mac reach their end of life.
13  Chrome OS 86 focuses on accessibility improvements.
13  Adobe fixes critical security vulnerability in Flash Player.
13  Mozilla releases Firefox 81.0.2 to fix Twitter errors.
12  Windows Update can be abused to execute malicious files.
12  Windows Defender Antivirus phishing bait used to infect PCs.
12  Apple releases watchOS 7.0.2 with fix for battery drain issues.
12  Hackers used VPN flaws to access US govt elections systems.
12  Windows 10 upgrades blocked after installing KB4577062.
12  Patch Tuesday is near, be sure Windows Update is paused.
12  Microsoft & others orchestrate takedown of TrickBot botnet.
12  How to block Windows 10 version 20H2 from installing.
11  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
11  Most common malicious email attachments infecting Windows.
10  End of support coming for many Windows versions.
10  Tyler Technologies paid ransomware gang for decryption key.
10  Children & parent info exposed in Georgia DHS data breach.
09  Document-signing service Docsketch discloses security breach.
09  The Week in Ransomware – Giant ransoms.
09  Cruise line operator Carnival confirms ransomware data theft.
09  Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.23.2 with bug fixes.
09  Chromes change to its cache system improves privacy.
09  Fitbit gallery can be used to distribute malicious apps.
09  Wormable Apple iCloud bug allows automatic photo theft.
09  Android ransomware activates when you press the Home button.
08  Microsoft Edge 86 is out with a bunch of improvements.
08  Sam’s Club customer accounts hacked in attacks.
08  Win10 update forcibly enables HP Battery Health Manager.
08  240+ Android apps caught showing out-of-context ads.
07  Microsoft adds consent phishing protection to Office 365.
07  Phishing emails lure victims with info on Trump’s health.
07  Google rolls out fixes for high-severity Android System flaws.
07  QNAP fixes critical flaws that could lead to device takeover.
06  Microsoft’s Surface Duo gets its first firmware update.
06  Mozilla shares fix for Twitter not working on Firefox.
06  October Office non-Security Updates have been released.
06  Chrome 86 rolls out with huge user security enhancements.
06  Malware campaigns deliver payloads via paste service.
06  Hackers abuse Windows error service with fileless malware.
06  Chowbus delivery service breached, data emailed to users.
05  Fullz House hacks mobile provider to steal credit cards.
05  Hackers claim they can jailbreak Apple’s T2 security chip.
05  Fix released for ChromeOS bug causing 100% CPU utilization.
05  Updates for Pixel devices fix swipe-up gesture bug & more.
05  Slack outage causes lag, message errors, blank screens.
05  You shouldn’t stop this location tracking on your iPhone.
04  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
04  Ttint IoT botnet exploiting 2 zero-days in Tenda routers.
03  Microsoft Roundup: Windows 10, Surface event, and fixes.
03  Microsoft fixes Windows 10 Internet connection issues.
03  Avatar service Gravatar allows mass collection of user info.
02  The Week in Ransomware – Healthcare under attack.
02  Google now discloses Android vulnerabilities for 3rd-party devices.
02  Voter registration ‘error’ phish hits during U.S. election.
02  Patch Lady – a kind reminder to NOT CLICK.
02  Flaw in HP Device Manager could lead to system takeover.
02  Top sites infected with credit card skimmers & crypto miners.
02  Microsoft fixes WSL 2 breaking bug in Windows 10 update.
02  Emotet malware takes part in the 2020 U.S. elections.
02  It’s clear to install September’s Windows & Office patches.
01  NVIDIA fixes high severity flaws in Windows display driver.
01  Optional cumulative update for Win10 version 2004 released.
01  Service checks if your email was used in Emotet attacks.
01  Malware gang defrauded Facebook users of $4 million.
01  Spammers hide by adding random text to shortened links.
01  WSL 2 bypasses the Windows firewall & its configured rules.
01  Botnet expands from Windows to Android, Mac, & Linux.

September 2020 (Click listings for more information).
30  Chrome 86 for iOS fixes web page orientation bug.
30  Microsoft updates PowerToys 0.23, focuses on bug fixes.
30  Windows 10 gets storage health monitoring for NVMe SSDs.
30  Linkury adware caught distributing full-blown malware.
30  QNAP warns customers of a wave of ransomware attacks.
30  Surface Book 3 & Pro 7 get driver & firmware updates.
30  Ransomware gang had access to banking info & passwords.
29  Fake software crack sites used to push Ransomware.
29  Google Chrome now lets you edit saved passwords.
29  Ransomware hits Arthur J. Gallagher, insurance giant.
29  Some ransomware attacks take less than 45 minutes.
28  Microsoft Office 365 is down; shows ‘transient’ error.
28  Windows 10 is offering a mess of Intel driver updates.
28  FBI warns of disinformation campaigns about US elections.
28  Microsoft Patch Alert – by Woody Leonhard.
27  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
27  Hands-on with Windows 10’s new disk management tool.
27  ChromeOS updates cause 100% CPU usage, heating issues.
27  17 Android apps engaging in WAP billing fraud removed.
26  Microsoft Roundup: Windows 10, Ignite 2020, bugs & fixes.
26  ThunderX ransomware silenced with release of a decryptor.
25  The Week in Ransomware – A Modern-Day Gold Rush.
25  Microsoft, could you make Edge a little more obnoxious?
25  Surface Pro X gets firmware updates; many improvements.
25  Surface Laptop 3 gets firmware updates; display & keyboard.
25  The Windows XP source code was allegedly leaked online.
25  You can bypass TikTok’s MFA by logging in via a browser.
24  Apple releases iOS 14.0.1 with default app setting fix.
24  Phishing attacks are targeting your social network accounts.
24  ‘Alien’ malware can steal passwords from 226 Android apps.
23  Patch Lady – uh best to be on guard while surfing.
23  Microsoft, Italy, Netherlands warn of increased Emotet activity.
23  AgeLocker ransomware targets QNAP NAS devices, steal data.
23  Hackers sell access to networks via remote management apps.
23  Shopify security incident caused by two rogue employees.
22  Release of Chrome 85.0.4183.121 fixes 10 security flaws.
22  CISA warns of a notable increase in LokiBot malware.
22  Firefox 81 released with credit card autofill & new theme.
22  TikTok profiles promote scammy apps generating $500,000.
21  Guard your data with these search engines & browsers.
21  Strava app shows your info to nearby users; how to fix.
21  Android malware targets Telegram, Gmail passwords.
20  Why can’t Surface devices have the BEST experience?
20  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
20  Windows 10 Health Report: Defender fiasco, & more.
20  Why Windows 10 is crashing on Lenovo laptops.
19  Sysmon now logs data copied to the Windows Clipboard.
19  How to fix Windows 10 search problems.
18  Firefox bug lets you hijack nearby mobile browsers via WiFi.
18  The Week in Ransomware – Schools under attack.
18  Spammers use hexadecimal IP addresses to evade detection.
18  Outlook 365 update bug with iCloud: changing a contact error.
17  Hands-on with iOS 14’s new data breach notification feature.
17  Apple bug allowed code execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod.
17  US Presidential apps riddled with tracking & security flaws.
17  Microsoft issues Win10 BSOD warning for some Lenovo users.
17  Drug spammers start using technique to bypass spam filters.
16  Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is growing fast.
16  Chrome makes it easier to reset compromised passwords.
16  ‘C’ Week Preview Updates released for 1809, 1903, 1909 & .NET.
16  Surface Pro & Book devices get firmware & driver updates.
16  This security awareness training email is a phishing scam.
16  Staples data breach caused by bug in order tracking system.
15  Devices vulnerable to new ‘BLESA’ Bluetooth security flaw.
15  Windows Zerologon PoC exploits allow domain takeover.
15  QR Codes Serve Up a Menu of Security Concerns.
15  Apple to release iOS 14, iPadOS 14, & watchOS 7 tomorrow.
15  First-gen Surface Go receives firmware updates with fixes.
15  Adobe releases security update for Adobe Media Encoder.
15  ‘Finger’ command can be abused to download or steal files.
14  Patch Lady – Checking on your vote (USA centric).
14  VA notifies Veterans of compromised personal information.
14  TikTok fixes flaws that opened Android app to compromise.
14  Magento stores hit by a large automated hacking attack.
14  Staples discloses data breach exposing customer info.
14  BlindSide attack uses speculative execution to bypass ASLR.
13  This Week in Security – by Zack Whittaker.
13  Patch Lady – just a kind reminder about Office 2010.
12  Patch Lady – HP support assistant being a bad patcher.
11  The Week in Ransomware – A barrage of attacks.
11  Windows 10 Control Panel gets another nail in its coffin.
11  Hacking Windows passwords via your wallpaper.
10  Zoom adds two-factor authentication support to all accounts.
10  State-backed hackers are targeting the 2020 US elections.
10  Beaucoup bugs beset this month’s Windows patches.
09  Google squashes critical Android Media Framework bug.
09  Vulnerability allows overwriting of Bluetooth authentication keys.
09  Microsoft Office security updates fix critical RCE bugs.
09  It’s time to be thinking about saving a copy of Win10 v2004.
09  Win10 2004 KB4571756 breaks Windows Subsystem for Linux 2.
09  Spyware labeled ‘TikTok Pro’ exploits fears of US ban.
08  Win10 links servicing stack updates with cumulative updates.
08  Microsoft September Patch Tuesday fixes 129 vulnerabilities.
08  Here’s what’s new for Windows 8.1 & 7 this Patch Tuesday.
08  Win10 cumulative updates KB4571756 & KB4574727 released.
08  Adobe flaws allow attackers to run JavaScript in browsers.
08  The September 2020 Microsoft patches are out.
08  Academics find crypto bugs in 306 popular Android apps.
08  Google Chrome starts blocking ads that slow down the browser.
08  Microsoft fixes Win10 bug causing excessive SSD defragging.
07  Windows 10 Sandbox activation enables zero-day vulnerability.
07  Windows 10 themes can be abused to steal Windows accounts.
07  Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 gets a big batch of updates.
07  With Patch Tuesday near, get Windows Update locked down.
05  Malware gang uses .NET library to generate Excel docs.
05  Visa warns of new Baka credit card JavaScript skimmer.
04  The Week in Ransomware – Stay Alert!
04  You can install the August Windows & Office patches now.
04  Phishing adds overlay on official company page to steal logins.
04  WhatsApp discloses 6 bugs via a dedicated security site.
04  Firefox will add new drive-by-download protection in Oct.
03  KB4571744 released for those on the Win10 May 2020 Update.
03  Warner Music Group’s e-commerce stores compromised.
02  Microsoft Defender can now be used to download malware.
02  PowerToys 0.21.1 released with a bunch of bug fixes.
02  DNS-over-HTTPS support added to Chrome on Android.
02  Emotet malware uses fake ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ attachments.
02  Joker Spyware Plagues More Google Play Apps.
02  Microsoft Office update changes Outlook fallback encryption.
02  Intel microcode updates for Win10 fix CPU hardware bugs.
02  Hackers abuse Google DNS over HTTPS to download malware.
02  Surface Laptop 3 15-inch gets new firmware & driver updates.
01  Credit card data smuggled via private Telegram channel.
01  Firefox 80.0.1 rolls out to fix crashes & download issues.