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January 2023 (Click listings for more information).
26. Microsoft starts force-upgrading Windows 11 21H2 devices.
26. Windows 11 KB5022360 preview update has 15 improvements.
26. Bitwarden password vaults targeted in Google ads phishing attack.
26. Mimic ransomware abuses ‘Everything’ Windows search tool.
26. Lexmark warns of RCE bug affecting 100 printer models.
26. Google nukes 50K accounts pushing Chinese disinformation.
26. How to fix a Windows Terminal startup issue.
25. Exploit released for critical Windows CryptoAPI spoofing bug.
25. Google Chrome 109 point release fixes 6 security issues.
25. New stealthy Python RAT malware targets Windows in attacks.
25. MS 365 outage takes down Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook.
24. MS confirms Start menu & UWP apps issues in Windows 11 & 10.
24. AMD fixes Windows 11 22H2 bug that led to launch failures.
24. MS has workaround for unresponsive Windows Start Menu.
24. GoTo hackers stole customers’ backups & encryption key.
24. Patching weather is clearing – by Susan Bradley.
23. Apple iOS 16.3 has support for hardware security keys.
23. Apple fixes exploited iOS zero-day on older iPhones, iPads.
23. Apple macOS Ventura 13.2 supports physical security keys.
23. Google Ads invites being abused to push spam, adult sites.
22. This Week in Security – Jan 22 – by Zack Whittaker.
22. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & Linux Mint 19.x users should upgrade.
22. FanDuels warns of a data breach after customer info stolen.
22. Scammers Target Fans of ‘The Last of Us’ with Malware.
21. Microsoft OneNote attachments are used to spread malware.
21. Ad-fraud op dismantled after hitting millions of iOS devices.
20. The Week in Ransomware – Targeting Crypto Exchanges.
20. Exploits for two Samsung Galaxy App Store vulnerabilities.
20. “This app can’t open” issue in Windows 11 version 22H2.
20. MS releases Dynamic update to improve Windows 11 Setup.
20. MS is halting some updates for older versions of Windows 10.
19. Windows 10 KB5019275 preview update released with 14 fixes.
19. New Android malware lets hackers remotely control your phone.
19. Windows 11 KB5019274 is out with new Spotlight theme, more.
19. T-Mobile hacked to steal data of accounts in API data breach.
19. Microsoft pushes KB5021751 to check for outdated Office installs.
19. Android malware adds DNS changer to hack WiFi routers.
19. PayPal accounts breached in credential stuffing attack.
19. New ‘Blank Image’ attack hides phishing scripts in SVG files.
19. Microsoft updates Surface Pro 7 with Windows Hello & more.
18. MS investigates bug behind unresponsive Windows Start Menu.
18. MailChimp discloses new breach after employees got hacked.
18. Bank of America starts restoring missing Zelle transactions.
18. Windows 11 apps might not start after system restore.
18. Special characters break printing in Microsoft Edge 109.
17. Hackers use Google search ads to push info-stealing malware.
17. Firefox 109 is out with Manifest V3 extensions support & more.
17. Nissan North America data breach caused by vendor database.
17. Windows 11 system requirement Secure Boot broken on MSI motherboards.
16. Microsoft, AMD, & Nvidia have Windows 11 MPO display issues.
16. MSI accidentally breaks Secure Boot for many motherboards.
16. Avast releases a free BianLian ransomware decryptor.
15. This Week in Security – Jan 15 – by Zack Whittaker.
15. Microsoft script recreates shortcuts deleted by bad Defender ASR rule.
15. Thinking of moving to Apple? – by Susan Bradley.
14. Brave browser’s new Snowflake feature help bypass Tor blocks.
14. Microsoft says it can’t restore Defender-deleted shortcuts for you.
13. The Week in Ransomware – LockBit in the spotlight.
13. Ventoy fixes Windows 11 bypass related bug, VHDX booting issue.
13. NortonLifeLock warns of breached Password Manager accounts.
13. Buggy Defender ASR rule deletes Windows app shortcuts.
13. Attack surface reduction rule triggers a mess on Friday the 13.
13. Limited software updates put smart appliances at risk of breaches.
13. Edge 109 is now available with text prediction & account linking.
12. Malware campaign tries to evade detection using polyglot files.
12. Android TV box on Amazon came pre-installed with malware.
11. Twitter says leaked data of 200M users not stolen from its systems.
11. Macrium backup gets new update before the end of free releases.
11. Scattered Spider hackers use old Intel driver to bypass security.
11. AMD’s latest WHQL driver may brick RDNA 2 RX 6000 GPUs.
10. Over 1,300 fake AnyDesk sites push Vidar info-stealing malware.
10. Microsoft fixes ODBC connections broken by November updates.
10. Windows 11 KB5022303 and KB5022287 updates released.
10. Chrome 109 update, last version to support Windows 7 & 8.1.
10. Windows 10 KB5022282 and KB5022286 updates released.
10. Final Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 updates land.
10. Microsoft fixes issue causing 0xc000021a blue screen crashes.
10. Microsoft January Patch Tuesday fixes 98 flaws, 1 zero-day.
10. Outlook mail forward, categorize, flag “operation failed” error.
10. Hackers target Android users via trojanized Telegram app.
09. Surface Pro 8 gets new drivers in the latest firmware update.
09. Windows 11 bug behind 0x800700b7 provisioning errors fixed.
09. Identity thieves bypassed Experian security to view credit reports.
09. Rufus gets updated Fido script to fix Windows ISO downloads.
09. Windows 11 update brings translation issues & other problems.
08. This Week in Security – Jan 8 – by Zack Whittaker.
08. Microsoft ends Windows 7 extended security updates on Tuesday.
08. Hackers push fake Pokemon NFT game to take over Windows devices.
08. Microsoft fixes Windows 11 22H2 broken OOBE but app installs are now failing.
08. Do you know the easy way to get into the boot menu?
07. 0Patch updates Microsoft Edge on unsupported Windows versions.
07. Windows 7 has a fighting chance, but not so for Windows 8.1.
06. The Week in Ransomware – Targeting Healthcare.
06. Chick-fil-A investigates reports of hacked customer accounts.
06. Air France and KLM notify customers of account hacks.
06. Microsoft: temporary fix for ODBC database connection issues.
05. MS-DEFCON 2: Getting ready for 2023 – by Susan Bradley.
05. Bitdefender releases free MegaCortex ransomware decryptor.
05. Firefox 108.0.2 fixes high-volume crashes for video playback.
05. PowerToys 0.66.0 is out with fixes and improvements.
05. SpyNote Android malware infections surge after code leak.
04. 200 million Twitter users’ email addresses leaked online.
04. Hackers use Windows error reporting tool to deploy malware.
04. Toyota, Mercedes, BMW API flaws exposed owners’ info.
04. How to Uninstall an Update on Windows 11.
04. Windows 11 Update Stuck: Fixed For Good.
03. Synology fixes maximum severity vulnerability in VPN routers.
03. January Office non-Security updates are now available.
02. Skype and OneDrive reported down [Update].
01. This Week in Security – Jan 1 – by Zack Whittaker.
01. Windows 11 22H2 causing freezing issues on AMD Ryzen PCs.
01. Mozilla changes Firefox’s user agent because of IE 11.

December 2022 (Click listings for more information).
31. Bringing in the new year with a backup – by Susan Bradley.
30. Google Voice gains the ability to flag suspected spam calls.
29. Netgear warns users to patch recently fixed WiFi router bug.
29. Google Home speakers let hackers snoop on conversations.
29. Fix: Windows 11 Installation Assistant Disappeared.
28. Hackers abuse Google Ads to spread malware in legit software.
28. Should you back up important Windows folders to OneDrive?
27. Attack eavesdrops on Android phones via motion sensors.
27. Microsoft ends support for Surface Laptop 2.
27. Windows 10 22H2 may leave you blue – by Susan Bradley.
26. Hacker claims to be selling Twitter data of 400 million users.
26. Ventoy adds bypass for Windows 11 TPM requirements & more.
24. Did you buy a new computer this season? – by Susan Bradley.
23. The Week in Ransomware – Targeting Microsoft Exchange.
23. Massive Twitter data leak investigated by EU privacy watchdog.
22. If you use LastPass…. read on – by Susan Bradley.
22. Leading sports betting firm BetMGM discloses data breach.
22. Hackers stole Lastpass customer vault data in cloud storage.
22. DuckDuckGo now blocks Google sign-in pop-ups on all sites.
22. Comcast Xfinity accounts hacked in 2FA bypass attacks.
22. Brave launches a privacy-focused database query system.
22. Google’s Android 13 broke Microsoft Intune on Samsung phones.
21. AMD fixes the high power draw bug on Windows systems.
21. FBI warns of search engine ads pushing malware and phishing.
21. Intel Wi-Fi & Bluetooth drivers fix BSOD and streaming glitches.
21. Android malware targets 400 banks and crypto exchanges.
20. Google Ad fraud campaign used adult content to make millions.
20. Tails 5.8 is now available with improved Persistent Storage.
20. Thunderbird 102.6.1 update addresses security issues & more.
20. Linux Mint 21.1 is out now with a theme overhaul & more.
20. Some Android app APIs have been putting users at risk.
20. Microsoft fixes Windows Outlook bug that messed up meeting timeslots, Calendar selections.
19. macOS bug found that lets malware bypass security checks.
19. DraftKings warns data was exposed in account hacks.
19. Open Source archiver PeaZip 9.0 is now available.
18. This Week in Security – Dec 18 – by Zack Whittaker.
18. No optional Windows Updates this month due to holidays.
18. Restaurant CRM platform ‘SevenRooms’ confirms breach.
18. KB5021233 causing blue screen on Windows 10 22H2, more.
17. So when do you decide to update? – by Susan Bradley.
17. Glupteba malware is back in action after Google disruption.
17. Microsoft confirms taskbar bugs and more in Windows 10.
17. Direct Access issues on Windows 11 & Windows 10 fixed.
17. Firefox 108.0.1 fixes a single non-security issue.
16. The Week in Ransomware – December 16 – Losing Trust.
16. Windows taskbar bug causing Explorer & Office freezes fixed.
16. Update fixes gaming performance issues in Windows 11 22H2.
16. New Minecraft DDoS malware infecting Windows and Linux.
16. Android malware campaign uses loan apps to blackmail victims.
15. Microsoft releases fix for Windows 11 22H2 file copy kernel bug.
15. Phishing attack uses Facebook posts to evade email security.
15. Social Blade confirms breach after hacker posts user data.
15. LEGO BrickLink bugs let hackers hijack accounts and more.
15. Microsoft pushed buggy update on Windows 11 & Windows 10 22H2.
15. Google Chrome 108 security update fixes 8 security issues.
14. Microsoft updates Quick Assist on older Windows versions.
14. SVG files used to smuggle malware onto Windows systems.
14. Microsoft patches Windows 0-day used to drop ransomware.
14. macOS Ventura 13.1 update released with security fixes.
14. Thunderbird 102.6.0 is a security and bug-fix update.
14. VMware releases updates for Workstation Pro and Player.
13. Windows 11 fixes bug that made Task Manager unreadable.
13. Apple fixes Webkit zero-day used in attacks against iPhones.
13. Windows 11 KB5021255 and KB5021234 updates released.
13. Updates released for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
13. Windows 10 KB5021233 and KB5021237 updates released.
13. iOS 16.2 is out with encrypted iCloud backups and more.
13. Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes 2 zero-days and 49 flaws.
13. Firefox 108 is out with Windows 11 Efficiency Mode support.
13. Windows 10 version 21H1 reaches its end of support.
11. Clop ransomware uses TrueBot malware for access to networks.
10. So you are looking for a Windows 10 pro key? – by Susan B.
10. Facebook implements a new facial recognition system.
09. The Week in Ransomware – Dec 9 – Wide Impact.
09. Antivirus & EDR solutions tricked into acting as data wipers.
09. Microsoft fixes the bug breaking calling on Surface Duo 2.
09. Microsoft updates its free Windows 11 virtual machines.
08. Chrome feature frees memory to make browsing smoother.
08. Chrome 108 updates without revealing anything about it.
08. How Android’s Private Compute Core protects your data.
08. First-gen Surface Duo gets December firmware update.
08. New platform binds Android malware with legitimate apps.
08. Microsoft Edge 110 drops support for Windows 7, 8, & 8.1.
08. The maintenance window for Windows closes – by Susan B.
07. Apple rolls out end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups.
07. New Zerobot malware for BIG-IP, Zyxel, D-Link devices.
07. Amazon reportedly went down for thousands of users.
06. PowerToys 0.65.0 is out with fixes and improvements.
06. December Office non-Security updates have been released.
06. Android December security updates fix 81 vulnerabilities.
06. Microsoft fixes sign-in issues in SwiftKey for iOS.
06. Problems with some Windows apps due to database issues.
05. Google adds end-to-end encryption for group chats in Messages.
05. Edge 108 Stable brings better privacy with ECH and more.
05. Ventoy tool adds support for 32GB Fat32 and multi-languages.
05. Hackers hijack Linux devices using PRoot isolated filesystems.
05. Windows 10 KB5020683 update displays Windows 11 prompt.
04. This Week in Security – Dec 4 – by Zack Whittaker.
04. Android malware apps with many installs spotted on Google Play.
03. NVIDIA graphics driver update patches several security issues.
02. The Week in Ransomware – Disrupting Health Care.
02. Google Chrome emergency update fixes 9th 0-day of the year.
02. Skype 8.90 is out on all platforms with several new features.
02. Those with gaming issues won’t be offered Windows 11 22H2, yet.
02. Brave Browser 1.46 launches with Brave News improvements.
01. Android malware-infected devices steal Facebook accounts.
01. Hyundai app bugs allowed hackers to remotely unlock, start cars.
01. Microsoft finally fixes Windows 11 22H2 file copy kernel bug.
01. Thunderbird 102.5.1 fixes a security issue in the email client.