We plan on having webinars in October, November, and December of 2020. More details coming soon.

Webinar: Windows Backup Solutions
Instructor: Joe Callison
Learn how to use Windows built in features to backup files, settings, or the entire system drive and what other backup options are available.

Outline: Windows Backup Solutions

I. File History

a. Backup using File History
b. Restore using File History
c. Accessing File History from File Explorer

II. System Image Backup

III. Restore Point

a. Configure System Protection
b. Create a Restore Point
c. Using System Restore

IV. OneDrive

a. Manage backup settings
b. Start backup
c. Accessing OneDrive from File Explorer

V. Other Backup Solutions

a. Cloud backup services
b. Backup & recovery programs

Webinars: Basic Smartphone Usage (3 Parts)
Instructor: Bob Bowser
Let us explore our smartphones and learn how to do basic functions like telling time, calling, texting, photos, email, mapping, weather, virtual assistant, and typical utilities. Come to the webinar knowing how to start an app and we will show you how to use them.

Outline: Basic Smartphone Usage

Part 1

I. Time

a. Built in time
b. Time or Time/Temperature App or Widget
c. Time App
d. Alarms
e. Time zones

II. Calling

a. Phone App
b. Keypad
c. Recent List
d. Contacts
e. Speaker phone
f. Voice mail
g. Using other apps while on the phone to someone

III. Texting

a. Message App
b. Reading
c. Composing
d. Groups

Part 2

IV. Photos

a. Camera App
b. Front/Back Cameras
c. Still Photo
d. Video
e. Gallery App

V. Email

a. Email or Gmail Apps
b. Reading
c. Composing (to:, cc:, bcc)
d. Groups

VI. Mapping

a. Map App
b. Where am I?
c. Where do I want to be?
d. How do I get there? – navigation

VII. Weather

a. Weather App
b. Temperature, actual and feels like
c. Forecast
d. Radar

Part 3

VIII. Virtual Assistant

a. Siri
b. Google Assistant
c. Cortana

IX. Typical Utilities

a. Flashlight
b. E-book reader
c. calculator

X. Advanced Concerns and Usage

a. When to upgrade – security
b. Two-factor ID
c. Scanning – Camera (.jpg) or Google Drive (.pdf) or (Apple equivalent)

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