Windows 10 and macOS Fall Updates

By Joe Callison
7 September, 2017

Fall is fast approaching and with it comes the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which Microsoft has officially announced will be released to the public on October 17 (a little later than the planned September release). This will be the fourth feature update (new version) for Windows 10 since its initial launch and as a reminder, each new version of Windows 10 has an end of life for support 18 months after the public release. If you are more than one version behind, you can skip to the latest available version, assuming your computer hardware will support the latest version. This can be a problem for older computers that were upgraded from earlier Windows versions for the initial release of Windows 10, but should not be a problem for new computers that shipped with the initial release of Windows 10.  

So what is in the Fall Creators Update? There are lots of articles and reviews from Windows insiders you can find on it by searching the internet, but here is a helpful one from an internal Microsoft forum on how to install the update:

Apple users also have a fall update for macOS rumored to be released as early as September 19, but more likely in October, called High Sierra (version 10.13). It is currently available for beta testing by users, and there are many articles and reviews you can find on it by searching the internet. This is reportedly a major change to the macOS system that includes changing the whole file structure used by Apple to store information, so it will involve conversion of Apple storage media to the new file structure. I think it would be wise to do a complete backup of your data before doing this update! The following link has some good information on the update, including which Apple models are compatible:

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