Firefox Browser Changes

By Joe Callison
17 September, 2017

Firefox version 52 and later ended support of legacy plug-ins such as Java, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Silverlight, and others. For an explanation of the reason behind the change see this Mozilla link:

Beginning with version 57 which is planned to be released on November 14, 2017 support of legacy extensions such as LastPass will also end and they will be replaced with WebExtensions. This change has also been incorporated in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. You can see if you have any legacy extensions that will be affected if you have the current version 55 of Firefox installed by going to the menu (three horizontal lines at the upper right) and selecting Add-ons and then Extensions. They will be indicated as LEGACY in the list. You can also check a list of popular extensions in the following How-To Geek link in the “How to Search for New Extensions” section to see if and when a replacement will be available, or go directly to the linked page at

Note that if you have Firefox on Windows XP or Vista, then version 52ESR is the last version of Firefox you can update to. You can also install that version on Windows 7 and later if you do not want to give up an extension that will not be replaced, but it will only have security updates through early next year. There is a link to download the ESR (Extended Support Release) in the Mozilla link above in the “I’m having problems” section.

To see what version of Firefox you currently have and to update it on Windows 7 and later systems:
If you have the Firefox menu bar enabled, click on Help and select About Firefox.
If not, then click the menu (three horizontal lines at upper right), select the “?” symbol at the bottom for Help, and select About Firefox.

Posted by Joe Callison

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