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By Joe Callison
21 April 2018

Google has insider user groups just as Microsoft does. You can browse experimental apps for Android or Chrome or sign up for early access to test new Android and iOS apps through Area 120, a workshop for Google’s experimental products.  

The first place I ran across Google Labs was in the Gmail settings. A tab for Labs is near the far right end of the list at the top and provides several experimental add-ons to Gmail that can be enabled. I have been using the Google Calendar gadget and the Preview Pane for some time now.

Recently I added a new experimental Inbox app to my Android tablet, which can be found in the Play Store by searching “Inbox by Gmail”. You can also find it for your computer from the Google browser by clicking on the Google apps dots and going all the way to the bottom to “See all products” or you can go directly to:
It provides a much fresher look, a different organization method, and provides previews of attached photos.
You can browse other Android Experiments at:

The Android Experiments title on the page has a dropdown with links to other experimental areas including Chrome Experiments, or you can go directly to:

This week, all of the tech news sites and many other news sites have featured Google’s launch of three new photography experimental apps for testing for Android and iOS. One of the more informative sources is:

This week I have signed up for early access to test apps through Area 120 but have not received any notifications as of yet. If you are interested, the website is:

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