New Life for Unsupported Apple Computers

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By Joe Callison
19 December 2022

New Life for Unsupported Apple Computers

Old iMac and MacBook computers that are no longer able to run currently supported versions of macOS can actually be made to run them with the help of the free OpenCore Legacy Patcher. A list of supported Apple models can be found at: Supported Models | OpenCore Legacy Patcher

A YouTube channel called Mr. Macintosh has many very helpful instructional videos on using this method to extend the useful life of your older Apple products:

I would strongly recommend upgrading from a hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD) first if you have not already done so. Cloning can be accomplished using the Apple Disk Utility or even simpler (in my opinion) with the free downloadable SuperDuper! by SuperDuper!

The SSD upgrade kits and instructional videos from Other World Computing (OWC) make this a doable DIY project for many people. I have upgraded many 2009 through 2012 models using these kits: OWC or

You may also benefit by installing additional random access memory (RAM) if you currently have 4GB or less, also available from OWC/MacSales.

Enjoy your refreshed Apple computer at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

Posted by Joe Callison

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