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Major Geeks Open – This site is the source for literally hundreds of helpful and useful additions for your computer available for downloading . . . much of it free.  Don’t hesitate to browse through the files . . . use the helpful list panels on the sidebar of each window.  And yes there is stuff here for the Macintosh as well as Windows!!

CNET Open A leading media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and vidios on technology and consumer electronics.  Also offers free and paid software downloads.

How-To Geek, a Site for Geeks, Created by Geeks
We are an online tech magazine, dedicated to providing interesting articles, how-tos, and even fun trivia to our audience.  Open

Tech Safety Tips for Seniors
When it comes to technology, it’s good to be cautious, but it’s better to be educated. If you’re a senior looking to become more tech-savvy, congratulations! Technology can keep you more connected to your loved ones, up to date on current events, and it can even give you access to medical records and important files.  Read More

Top 36 free apps for Windows 10
From backup to productivity tools, here’s the best of the best for Windows 10. Sometimes good things come in free packages.  Read More

How to install any website as an app on your computer with Edge, Chrome, and Brave
I don’t know about you, but I really like web apps due to their lightweight nature. While good, they can be a bit difficult to get installed on your computer. You may have seen a little icon in the URL bar in Chrome offering the ability to install a website as an app on your computer, but this doesn’t always show up. There is, however, a way to install any website as an app on your computer using an obscure tool in Chrome and Brave (it’s a bit more obvious in Edge).

How to Fix Gmail When It’s Not Receiving Emails
Gmail is something most of us use every day, most of the time without any problems. Unfortunately, some users run into the error of not receiving emails. There are multiple things you can try to start receiving your emails again.

How to stop a printer from suddenly jumping over to using a WSD port
If you suddenly find the printer that you could print to yesterday not working today, check to see if it’s suddenly using a WSD printer port. –

How to Recover a Deleted File: The Ultimate Guide
It’s happened to most of us. You delete a file and then realize you need it back. This guide explains when you can get that file back and how to go about it.  Read More

How to Monitor GPU Usage in the Windows Task Manager
Windows 10’s Task Manager has detailed GPU-monitoring tools hidden in it. You can view per-application and system-wide GPU usage, and Microsoft promises the Task Manager’s numbers will be more accurate than the ones in third-party utilities.  Read More

Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers
Windows has a secret keyboard shortcut that restarts your video drivers. If your PC ever freezes, try this shortcut before restarting your PC—it could fix freezes that would otherwise require forcibly restarting your computer.  Read More
Here is a link for complete list of windows hot keys:

David Pogue: 10 Top Time-saving Tech Tips  Open You will save lots of time and wonder why you didn’t know about these tips.

Best Windows 10 commands to diagnose your Internet connection
We have outlined six Windows 10 commands that you can use to troubleshoot your Internet connection and help determine why you cannot reach a website. Read More

Computer and Internet Basics – Open There are a lot of tutorials and free classes on a variety of subjects including Computer and Internet Basics.

4.5 ways to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook
Chromebooks are low-cost alternatives to regular laptops with great battery life. They can run Microsoft Office in several different ways – four and a half by our count. Read More

Chrome Being Slow? Here are 6 Ways to Speed It Up Open – Google Chrome is typically a reliable and quick browser, but like anything else, it can slow down over time. By trying a few simple tips, though, you can boost the speed and make your internet experiences pleasant again.

How to completely erase all information from your hard drive:
After properly wiping a hard drive, you can be confident that whatever information was on the drive is now gone for good. You can now install Windows on the drive, create a new partition, sell or give away the hard drive or computer, recycle or dispose of it, or whatever else you need to do.  Read More

Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
You don’t have to be a power user to find something of use here.  Read More

You aren’t using Resource Monitor enough,   by Scott Haselman
Most folks learn how to use Task Manager pretty quickly. As we move from user to technical-user we are introduced to SysInternals tools and perhaps Process Monitor for finding out what’s happening to a disk. However, I find that for quick questions that using Resource Monitor is faster to access and the information is easier to interpret.  Read More

Track changes made to online documents that affect your privacy
ParanoidPaul is a FREE service that allows you to track changes made to online documents that affect your privacy or your personal information, like Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions or User Agreements.

100 Technical Things Non-Technical People Can Learn To Make Their Lives Easier   A Fun Read

Some Basic How-To Tips from Google
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Bits & Bytes ExplainedOpen to Read

How To Recover Deleted Files

First things first: recovering deleted files from your hard drive, media card, flash drive, iPhone, or some other device is very possible.  While I can’t guarantee that your accidentally deleted file can be recovered, there’s a good chance it can be, especially if it hasn’t been too long since it’s been deleted.  Read More

13 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Computer, by Tim Fisher
I’m not here to judge. Really, I’m not. I have, however, been fixing computers, in one capacity or another, for well over two decades, and I see the same thing over and over….

People are constantly screwing up their own computers!  Read More

5 Ways to Test the Hardware of Your New or Used PC
Before buying a PC, you check out every store and every online deal to find the best price. If not new, a used PC from a friend or colleague may offer the best value for your money. But do you thoroughly check its every component before actually buying it?  Read More

Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You
Have you ever wondered what Google Search really knows about you? Well, now you can check, as Google has added a new feature that lets you view and download your entire search history.  Read More

Command Prompt Tricks, Hacks, & Secrets in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP
The Windows Command Prompt tool, and many of its commands, might seem boring or even relatively useless at first glance, but as anyone who has ever used the Command Prompt very often can tell you, there’s much to love!  Read More

How to Use Firefox Addons
Even though Firefox usage has been on the decline over the last few years, it’s still in second place behind Google Chrome in terms of usage. The main reason behind that is add-ons. Firefox can be customized in a million different ways, something no other browser can replicate to that level.  Read More

25 Google Tips To Help You Find Exactly What You’re Looking For
You can find pretty much anything in Google. It’s the number one search engine out there. However, just because it’s the most popular search engine out there, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you must play with Google a little bit.  Read More

Do These 12 Things First When You Get a New iPhone
When you get a new iPhone—especially if it’s your first iPhone—there are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of things to learn how to do. But you need to start somewhere, and that somewhere ought to be the basics.  Read More

5 Simple Fixes for Most Computer Problems
You could quite literally save hundreds of dollars, and an equally valuable amount of frustration, by following some of the really easy things below.  Read More

How To Fix a Blue Screen of Death
A Blue Screen of Death is usually hardware or driver related. Most BSODs show a “STOP CODE” that can be used to help figure out the root cause of the Blue Screen of Death.  Read More

Can’t Open a File? Here’s How to Convert It
Sometimes you find yourself with a file in a format that no program on your computer supports. Below are links to the best free file converter software to convert the file to a format that some program on your computer actually does support.  Read More

10 of Google’s Other Search Engines
Within Google search, Google also has a lot of hidden search engines and hacks, such as converting currency, finding local weather forecasts, movie times, and finding stock quotes. You might sometimes see a suggestion to try searching for those results in the main search engine, but when you’re searching for specific subject matter, it just saves time to go directly to the source.  Read More

How To Prevent Windows Updates From Crashing Your PC
Updates provided by Microsoft rarely cause problems and are rarely widespread, but when they do they hurt. Luckily there are some really simple things you can do to minimize the chance that a patch from Microsoft will do more harm than good.  Read More

Exit Chrome Completely by Closing Background Apps, Extensions and Processes
Do you know that Chrome does not always close itself completely, even if you click the cross button and exit from it? It will keep running in the background and it will keep consuming memory endlessly.  Here is a simple trick to completely exit Chrome by closing all background processes.  Read More

How to Set Up Google’s New Code-Less Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is an excellent way to make sure your account is secure but having to input a code every single time you need to log in can be a real pain. Thanks to Google’s new code-less “Prompt” authentication, however, getting access to your Google account can be a lot simpler—you just need access to your phone.  Read More

How to Make Windows 10 Look and Act More Like Windows 7
If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 but don’t love what you see, there are ways to make Windows 10 look and act like Windows 7. That way, you can get the familiar interface you love while still taking advantage of Windows 10’s other useful features.  Read More

How to Optimize Your Android Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify
We use smartphones for calls, text messages, social networking, photos, quick searches, streaming music, watching videos…the list goes on. But each thing you do drains your battery life, and some apps will even continue to drain your battery in the background when you aren’t using them. A free app called Greenify can fix that.  Read More

How to Diagnose and Fix an Overheating Laptop
One of the most common issues with aging laptops is overheating, something many people aren’t sure how to fix. Overheating computers can cause a lot of problems, from seemingly random blue screen crashes to data loss.  Read More