iPad/iPhone SIG

iPad/iPhone SIG
Jo Co Central Resource Library

9875 West 87th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212
Conference Room 01

Friday, Oct.18, 2019, 2:00
3:30 pm

The main goal of our special interest group (SIG) is to share our knowledge of all things iPhone and iPad.  This SIG is free and open to the public, so feel free to bring your friends.

Ray Martinez convenes the iPad/iPhone SIG
(913) 991-0155

About the iPad/iPhone SIG

We found that in our classes we could not come close to answering all the questions that folks wanted answers to.   Soooo . . . we decided to have a loose format regular monthly meeting where you could bring your iPad or iPhone, and we would calmly go through all the questions that you might have.

The iPad should be easy to use and fun, and we plan for this SIG to embrace that idea. If you don’t own an iPad, but are interested to find out what it is all about, feel free to join us.