Create a Second Monitor from Old Devices

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By Joe Callison
15 March 2023

Create a Second Monitor from Old Devices

I have been trying out a Spacedesk app (free Beta version) from datronicsoft that allows you to use a phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV as a second monitor for your Windows computer using your network wi-fi. The second monitor can be Windows (7 through 11), Android (>4.1, including Amazon devices), or iOS (>9.3). Android devices can also be connected directly by USB cable as a second monitor if you wish. Both Android and iOS devices that support tethering by USB can also be used. Any device running a web browser that supports HTML5 will also work.

A Spacedesk driver must be downloaded from for the primary Windows computer. Instructions are in the User Manual found by clicking the Documentation tab on the home page. On the device acting as the second monitor, you must download the Spacedesk -Display Monitor app (may be called Spacedesk or Spacedesk Viewer on other than Android) from the appropriate app store for the device.

So far I have tested Spacedesk using an Android phone and an old Android (4.3) tablet and they both worked on wi-fi. I have also tested the tablet by direct USB cable and that also is working. I think this is a great way to make use of old unsupported devices.

A Spacedesk Pro version is in the works that will support more features and provide the capability of building a video wall of monitors.

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