Deleting Internet Accounts

By Joe Callison
3 December 2017
(Updated 29 November 2019 to add a link under Instagram)

There could be many reasons for needing or wanting to delete old internet accounts, if for no other reason than removing personal data from inactive accounts to reduce the chances of it being hacked. Finding instructions on how to do it may be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes the instructions provided by a particular internet site are hard to find or understand and are explained more clearly by other sources that provide “how to” articles or videos.   
These may be easily found by a search on the internet using a search phrase such as “how to delete a (name of site) account”. This blog is a compilation of many popular internet sites with links to the official site instructions for deleting accounts or in some cases alternative “how to” links. Sometimes there are options to deactivate an account without permanently deleting the account and its data. Make sure you choose the method giving the desired result.

Another consideration is providing means for someone else to manage or close your accounts if you should become unable to manage them due to illness or death. Some internet accounts, especially social media accounts, have special provisions for such needs in the account options. Others may require providing a trusted person access to your account login and password information.

Deleting an account is far from straightforward and the following article on does a good job of explaining the procedure and pointing out the many considerations.
The Amazon help article is much less informative.

An Apple ID is used for iTunes, iCloud, the Apple Store, and other Apple services. Completely deleting it will require assistance from Apple:


Facebook has reasonably clear instructions on the options available.

Google provides instructions for deleting a Google account or just the associated email account.
The following link provides instructions on deleting just the gmail account.







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