Google Changes

By Joe Callison
5 December 2021

Google has made changes recently that may require action if they apply to you, i.e. if you use any of the Google services such as Google Photos, Gmail, or Google Fiber TV. 

  1. Backup & Sync Transition to Drive for Desktop:

As of October 1, 2021, you could no longer sign in to the Backup & Sync app. If you had not already transitioned your account to use the Drive for desktop app instead by then, the migration will not have been completed automatically and your backup may be incomplete. Backup & Sync was typically installed with Google Photos to automatically backup photos from phones or computer devices. It could also backup and optionally synchronize folders of files in Google Drive. You can download and install Drive for desktop for Windows or Mac computers. After installing you will see a new drive called Google Drive in File Explorer. The contents of the drive will be stored in the “cloud.” The Google information can be read in the link below.

Backup and Sync users should begin transitioning to Drive for desktop

  1. Google Sign In Change:

Google recently began sending notification that as of December 8, 2021, sign in will require 2-step verification. This will require using your recovery device listed in your Google account settings every time you are required to sign in with your Google password. The recovery device can be a phone that can receive text messages and/or another email account that is still working. If you have not entered a recovery device in the account settings or the one entered is no longer valid, you will need to add one or replace it. An image of the email message is below. The link for “How this protects your account” explains the process and is copied here:

  1. Google Fiber TV Service Ending:

As of February 28, 2022, Google Fiber TV service will no longer be available in Kansas City. This does not affect Google Fiber internet service. Various streaming service choices are offered by Google to replace it as an “upgrade”, including some free hardware if you do it before the service ends (presumably). Otherwise, you would need to sign up with another provider for TV service.

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