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By Joe Callison
31 March, 2020

As we are for a time mostly isolated from face-to-face contact with people, many of us with computers, tablets or smartphones have learned to use video chat and conferencing to keep in touch with family, friends, and associates. If you have not tried it yet, you are encouraged to take part in one of our upcoming virtual SenCom meetings. Be sure to frequent our website for information.  

I recently had a question from a friend that prompted me to write a blog about something I don’t know much about. Since I love an opportunity to learn something new, I did a little research and others may find it helpful. Many of us know people who are shut-ins or are currently self-isolated and do not have computers or smartphones or know how to use them. Television is their main connection to the outside world, but they can become bored with the available content from their television service provider. Many of them have smart televisions that have apps and may even be capable of adding apps that would give them more options for viewing. You might be able to help someone else learn to access the apps on their television or you might want to try it yourself.

There are many brands and models of televisions and they each have their own way of handling apps, so if possible the best place to start is the owner’s manual or user guide. If you don’t know where it is, often you can find a downloadable PDF of it on the manufacturer’s website or by an internet search for your specific model, which is sometimes on the front frame around the television, but if not would be on a label on the backside. Additional help on using television apps can be found in articles or YouTube videos if you search for them.

My television is not smart, but I have a Blu-ray DVD video player that is. I also have Google Fiber television service that has a few apps that can be accessed using the menu on the remote. It is possible that other television service providers do the same.

I have included some links below that I have found that may be useful:,review-5605-7.html

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