TV-Internet-Phone Service Providers

By Joe Callison
27 May, 2020

Some members have been wanting us to talk about television/internet/phone service providers in the area. It is a very complex subject because they all have advertised promotional prices for bundled packages that do not include a lot of other fees, taxes and other extras that apply, nor do they advertise what the normal price will be after the introductory rate for the first year or two that it typically lasts.  

I recently discovered the website that has already done the research to provide this type of information and a whole lot more related topics, including alternative streaming services. Note that promotional offers and prices, fees and taxes are always changing and will vary by location.

The Blogs section under Resources in the menu for the website is particularly helpful on many aspects. For convenience, I have listed some of the more pertinent blog articles for a few of the providers in our area below.

How to find providers in your area:

Hidden costs of Spectrum service:

Hidden costs of AT&T service:

Hidden costs of Xfinity service

Comparison of Spectrum and AT&T:

Comparison of Xfinity and AT&T:

Streaming service providers:

I encourage you to explore these and other blogs for a lot more information you might find interesting.

Posted by Joe Callison

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