Windows Settings Shortcut

1 September, 2015
By Joe Callison

All Windows versions since Windows XP have a hidden shortcut menu to all available Windows settings (except do not use it on Vista 64-bit – it crashes Explorer). It is referred to as the “god mode”, but I prefer to call it “all settings”. To create the desktop icon to access the menu, first create a new folder. A quick way to do that is to right-click your mouse on your desktop background and choose “New” and then “Folder”. You should then see a folder on your desktop named “New folder”.

Next copy the following text by using whatever copy/paste method you prefer, or you can type it in if you prefer. The first part of the name up to the period can be changed to anything you want to call it.


Then rename the new folder by right-clicking your mouse on it and choose “Rename”. The background of the folder name will change to blue. Now paste the text that you copied to the folder as the new folder name, or type it in. You will see the icon change from a folder to a blue box that looks like a monitor. Double click or open the icon and you will see a menu of all available Windows system settings in one place!


Posted by Joe Callison

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Easy and really neat.

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