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By Joe Callison
22 January 2024


Wubuntu is an Ubuntu-based Linux operating system with a user interface designed to mimic Windows 10 using the Cinnamon Desktop or Windows 11 using the KDE Plasma Technology. It provides a very Windows-like experience without the Microsoft requirements for TPM, secure boot, processor, or memory. It even has Windows Edge and the Copilot Assistant. It will run Windows EXE or MSI-installed programs using WINE for translation.

I have installed Wubuntu with the Windows 11 Plasma GUI on an old Dell Inspiron with a 3rd generation Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and an SSD drive and it performs extremely well. The desktop screen and many of the settings screens very closely resemble Windows 11. The Edge browser runs very well. A trial version of Power Toys is included. You can install Linux applications, Windows applications, and supposedly Android applications though I have not tried any yet. This is the easiest way to be introduced to Linux that I have seen to date.

For more information on Wubuntu, see the video and download link on Wubuntu

Posted by Joe Callison

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